Apportionment ballot results released

Three divisions lost seats, while two divisions picked up additional seats

The 2011 Apportionment ballot for legislative year 2013 was sent to APA fellows, members and voting associates on November 1.  The election closed December 16.  The ballots have been tallied and the Election Committee has certified the election. Attached (PDF, 100KB) are the results for your information. 

In summary, SPTAs picked up one additional seat as a group for a total of 65 seats.  Pennsylvania, New York and California maintained their 2 seats, while New Jersey and Massachusetts each picked up a second seat.  Illinois lost its second seat.  Divisions, as a group, lost a seat.  Divisions 40, 55 and 56 each lost a seat while divisions 39 and 50 picked up one additional seat each.