Tech tips for Divisions

The free tools below are easy-to-use time-savers that might make managing your division easier, freeing your time to focus on the initiatives that mean the most to you

By Chad Rummel

The way that web files are organized, you can sometimes end up with a Web link that is 60-70 characters long. These are often hard to copy and email, and page breaks or line breaks make them unreadable. TinyUrl is a site that takes your long URL links and shortens them. For example, a link to last month's article on tech tips is this long:, but by using the TinyUrl site, I've created a free shortened URL: This makes posting links to those hard-to-find web pages much easier (and it allows you to clean up those long links when printing your newsletters!)

If your board or committee is working on revising a document or drafting a piece of text, Crocodoc allows you to upload your Word document and share it with others who can access and directly alter the text, add comments or notations, etc. This allows for quicker sharing/drafting and it helps to avoid duplicate copies of the same document with different alterations.

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