Legal & finance tips for Divisions

APA's Office of General Counsel and Office of Financial Services can answer questions and provide tips for Division leaders

Document and Information Retention

Throughout the years, a Division generates many documents that are either legal or historical in nature.  In both cases, as leadership changes from year to year, documents and information get lost, misplaced, or worse, destroyed.  Legally, we have requirements to keep documents (e.g., contracts must be kept for three years after they have terminated) and for historical purposes, it is important for the Division to keep records of where they have been and what they have been doing. Several times a year, we are asked if we have copies of contracts, bank statements, investment fund signature authority cards, etc. from 5, 10 and even 30 years ago.  In most cases, unfortunately, we do not have these and we spend a lot of time with the Division finding these documents or recreating them, as necessary.  The Office of General Counsel and the Division Services Office can act as a repository for your documents.  You can email them to us or send them to us for scanning and return.  Feel free to be overly broad in what to save.

APA's Central Office can provide Division leaders with legal or finance support. For additional questions, contact:

Legal/Contract Questions: Jesse Raben

Finance Questions: Richard Payling-Wright