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Continuing/Long-term Agreements

Whether as the executive director of a division, an administrator, or simply a volunteer whose “job” it is to run the division that year or years, it is important to periodically review the division’s continuing agreements/long-term agreements for relevancy, potential updates in the statement of work or pricing as well as to be certain that the worked being performed is the work that is set forth in the contract. Is a contractor doing more or less work than what is called for in the contract? Does the contract make sense in terms of the statement of work? Are you paying for services you are not getting, paying for services you did not agree to, or maybe not paying for services you are getting? Periodic reviews of agreements is essential to maintain a good relationship with your vendor and could avoid issues down the road. If you need assistance with a review, a renegotiation or have any questions regarding contracts, please get in touch with your office of general counsel.
APA's Central Office can provide division leaders with legal or finance support. For additional questions, contact:

  • Legal/contract questions: Jesse Raben

  • Finance questions: Richard Payling-Wright 

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