Divisions membership boosted at convention

Division marketing at convention exceeds expectation and encourages hundreds to join divisions

While Orlando is normally known for tourism and theme parks, when APA Divisions descended on the city earlier this month, it was all Hearts and Stars. The Division Services booth lit up with hundreds of division members stopping by to share stories of “Why I Love My Division” and to join new divisions they had just heard of. In return, each walked away with a flashing light to share on their nametags and promote their division. 

Hearts and Stars lined the Division Services booth celebrating new division members and allowing current members to share their love for the divisions“Throughout the whole weekend, we had people stopping by to tell us why they love their divisions,” said Sarah Jordan, director of Division Services. “By the end of the weekend, the booth wall was covered with stories of members who had found their professional homes in APA.” 

In addition to current members sharing stories of why they loved their divisions, new members were rewarded with flashing stars to wear if they signed up to join a division on-site. 

“We’re still processing all the new member applications we received, but hundreds of new members joined divisions,” said Christine Chambers, the DSO membership marketing manager. “It was great to see the enthusiasm toward divisions, and we are excited to see the impact of that enthusiasm on division membership.” 

In addition to giving out flashing hearts and stars to passers-by, those who stopped at the booth were entered to win an iPod Nano or iPad provided by Division Services. 

The increased traffic at the DSO booth was just part of the marketing of divisions at convention. Many divisions ordered colored ribbons for their members to wear at convention, further helping to brand their divisions and connect members with each other. 

“One of the top reasons for joining a division is the networking, and the ribbons made networking at the large convention easier for division members,” said Chad Rummel, DSO communications manager. “We’re confident that this is the start of an ongoing mechanism for helping new and seasoned division members connect at convention.”