"I'm looking for..."

Divisions are ever-changing and ever-evolving, and their websites should reflect that change

There's not one checklist for updates that should be on a division website. A good site is one that answers questions of all types of viewers and keep them up-to-date with current information. And of course, it must provide this in an easy-to-navigate format.

The mini-checklists below are not all-encompassing, but they are a start to checking your web presence. Engaging new and seasoned members in doing a quick audit of your website will help make sure you have included all the information necessary to make your web page responsive to the needs of the reader.

Is everything there?

As you review your website for necessary requirements, be sure to wear several hats when doing so. A prospective member, a current member and an outside observer (researcher, media, etc.) all view your website for different reasons:

  • Link to join the division. 

  • Clear list of membership benefits. 

  • Link to renew for members/associates/fellows. 

  • Link to renew for affiliates (student, professional, international). 

  • Information on electronic mailing lists and links to join each. 

  • Links to social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, APA Communities). 

  • Clearly identified contact information for membership questions. 

  • Division awards (descriptions, deadlines, previous winners, contact information). 

  • Information on division meetings/conferences (past and future). 

  • Link to donate to fund/foundation created for division. 

  • Governance documents (bylaws, operating procedures, minutes, etc.).

Is it current?

If the leading content on your site is about a "spring newsletter" or "2012 convention programming," it may be time for an update.

  • Updated leadership information. 

  • Update membership rates for 2013. 

  • Current activities (call for programs, awards, webinars, publication releases).

Is it easy to navigate?

If you've been involved in the division for many years, you may not be the best person to review your website for ease-of-navigation. Consider asking a non-member co-worker to poke around and see how easy things are to find. 

  • Can you easily find what the division does, who the members are and reasons to join? 

  • Can you easily find the division's main activities? 

  • Can you easily find how to join? How to renew? 

  • Can you easily find a general contact information email/phone number? 

  • Can you easily find out how to get involved? How to join a committee? How to participate in an event?