Request for resources for high school psychology teacher and students

TOPSS gathers resources from APA divisions for high school psychology

Part of the mission as the APA Committee of Teachers of Psychology in the Secondary Schools is to make high quality resources available to high school teachers. As division leaders may be aware, high school psychology has grown tremendously in the last 20 years; approximately one in three students graduate from high school having taken a psychology class.  

We invite all APA divisions to submit to TOPSS a list of division resources for high school teachers and/or students. We know the APA divisions have tremendous resources that we may not be aware of, including websites, suggested videos, film clips, articles and so on. TOPSS will compile a list of all division resources to post to our website so that it is easily available for teachers to access.  

We encourage divisions to consider developing short video clips on topics that would interest high school students. These young students are the psychology majors, psychologists and citizens/consumers of the future, and your resources could help foster student interest in psychology!  

Please send any resource lists to Emily Leary Chesnes by Nov. 30. We appreciate your consideration.