Filling the slate

This sample “call for nominees” provided by Division 47 is a starting point for any division looking to widen its scope of officer nominees

It's not uncommon for divisions to struggle to find candidates to fill their election slates each year. These slates (due to the APA Election Office by Feb. 15) are created in many ways, usually by an elections officer or committee. In an effort to be transparent and open the door to nominees that may not be in the current leadership pipeline, Division 47 places an open call for nominations, shared below.

Division 47 call for nominations

(Shared with permission from Trent Petrie, division president)

To encourage the involvement of a broader segment of our membership and to make the process more open and transparent, the current EC has approved a new process for nominating members for executive committee positions. I encourage all interested members to review the nomination procedures and, if interested, to please provide the required information to Past‐President Dr. Gloria Balague no later than Dec. 31, 2012. All materials should be provided within one document (in PDF form) and submitted electronically to Dr. Balague.

Nomination procedures:

  1. You may nominate any current member of the division. We ask that, before you do, you determine his/her interest in the position. When determined, you may send the name of the interested nominee to Dr. Balague who will contact him/her to request the required information.

  2. If you are a current member of the division, you may self‐nominate by contacting Dr. Balague directly.

  3. Whether self or other‐nominated, you will be required to provide the following information by the deadline:

    1. Nominee’s name, email address, current professional position and affiliation, mailing address, telephone.

    2. The position(s) for which the nominee would like to be considered and a brief statement (no more than one page) regarding the nominee’s interest in the position and skills/abilities to successfully execute the responsibilities of the position. In particular, the EC is interested in knowing more about the nominees’ abilities in the following areas: organization, leadership, communication and development of policy, as well as their broader vision in the field.

    3. A brief summary (no more than a paragraph) of the nominee’s involvement in Division 47 (e.g., attending
      conferences, serving on committees), APA and the broader field of sport and exercise psychology.

For the next election cycle, the following positions will be filled:

  • President (three‐year term).

  • Member at Large (two-year term).

  • Secretary‐Treasurer (three-year term).

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process or the responsibilities of the various positions, please feel free to contact Dr. Balague.