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APA's Office of General Counsel and Office of Financial Services answer questions and provide tips for division leaders


“© American Psychological Association All Rights Reserved” You see it everywhere — in books, in magazines, on websites. So what does it mean? It means that the content is protected by copyright and owned by the producer of the content or registrant but more importantly, it is a signal to the world that this cannot be copied or reproduced without your permission. Placing this on your website, in your newsletters, etc., is a step in the right direction to protecting the assets of the division and APA. Go further by using the space to provide contact information so a person cannot claim that they did not know how to contact you. This includes photos, images, videos or other multimedia. While some believe copying is a form of flattery, it is also a violation of the law. It is better to protect your content now so you can prevent abuse later.

APA's Central Office can provide division leaders with legal or finance support. For additional questions, contact:

  • Legal/contract questions: Jesse Raben

  • Finance questions: Richard Payling‐Wright

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