2014 convention programming

Eleven integrative themes proposed as central programming for 2014 APA convention.

The Board of Convention Affairs (BCA) was charged with implementing the changes to convention approved by the Council of Representatives in August 2011. Among those changes is the creation of a Central Programming Group (CPG) responsible for creating “programming that demonstrates the unique role of APA as a unifying force for psychology and [as] the only association that represents all of psychology and to develop cross-cutting themes” and/or integrative programs (quote from council minutes). The CPG programs a total of 225 convention hours, with 125 hours devoted to programs proposed by two or more divisions and 100 hours devoted to programs developed by CPG.

To implement the plan, BCA convened for the first time ever an in-person meeting of all APA division program chairs who will be responsible for the planning of the APA convention in 2014, when the changes first kick in. In a modified Delphi process, this group identified 11 themes it would like to see for the cross-divisional programming. They are listed here in prioritized order.

  1. Psychology and the Public Good 

  2. Violence 

  3. How Technology is Changing Psychology 

  4. Mechanisms and Principles of Change 

  5. Linking and Integrating Research and Practice 

  6. Reducing Mental Health Stigma in Underserved Populations 

  7. Access to Health Care/Health Care Disparity: Improving Integration of Health Care to Vulnerable Populations 

  8. Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) with Psychology 

  9. A Multi Systems Approach to Primary Prevention: It Takes More Than a Village 

  10. Cultural Competencies 

  11. Addictions (Special Populations and Addictions); Intersectionality 

These proposed themes will be considered at CPG's first meeting in late May 2013, which will decide on the final themes and the procedures by which the cross-cutting proposals (which must be submitted by at least two divisions) will be chosen from among those submitted. 
For more information, please contact Rodney L. Lowman, PhD, chair, Board of Convention Affairs.