APA offers custom alerts on new research

Receive customized research updates on topics of your choice.

Would you like to know when new research on topics of interest to you is available? If so, then you can set up you own Research Alert

Simply click the link and login with your MyAPA user id and password (instructions to set up a user id and password if you do not have one yet). Then simply scroll down to the Research Alert section and select any or all from the preselected list or select Create a Custom Alert at the bottom and enter one or more keywords following the instructions on the screen. 

The alerts deliver a subset of the PsycARTICLES® and PsycBOOKS® databases on a particular topic and contain links to journal article and book chapter records. APA PsycNET® subscribers can navigate directly to the full text. Nonsubscribers can purchase individual articles or chapters. Alerts are sent in separate emails each Monday starting late in the day. You will only receive alerts if something new has been published on the topic(s) you have selected. 

And while you are in the email preference area, why not now tailor your email publications and messages from APA?  You can select the types and topics of broadcast emails, electronic newsletters, magazines and news by checking the boxes next to your choices and then clicking on Save All Updates at the bottom of the page.

Newsletters you can choose to receive are: 

  • APA Access (all-member newsletter to keep you up to date with APA activities and services).

  • APA Aging Issues.

  • APA Science Policy News.

  • Campus Representative Bulletin (for graduate students only).

  • Communiqué.

  • CYF News.

  • The Educator.

  • Good Company.

  • In the Public Interest.

  • Practice Update (Practice Special Assessment paid or Lifetime Practice Members only).

  • Psychological Science Agenda.

  • Psychology and AIDS Exchange.

  • Psychology Giving, newsletter of the American Psychological Foundation.

  • Psychology International.

  • Psychology Teacher Network.

  • PsycINFO News.

  • The SES Indicator.

  • Spotlight on Disability Newsletter.

  • Women's Psych-E.

Magazines and news you can select are: 

  • APA press releases.

  • Publications updates (news from APA’s Publications and Databases Office).

  • Monitor highlights.

  • gradPSYCH highlights.