Help new leaders get elected to APA governance

CECP provides tools to division for helping mentor ECPs into governance.

The Committee on Early Career Psychologists has encouraged APA boards and committees to include early career psychologists among their members, and this year’s calls for nominations included several positions for ECPs. To assist divisions in mentoring new leaders into APA governance, CECP has created a website with resources about the nomination and election process. The resources provide supplemental materials and tips for leaders interested in APA governance.

Two new tips sheets (one for nomination and one for election) break down the process into easy-to-understand steps. In addition, the site includes links to APA’s brochure about the election process, “Get Your Voice Heard: Play a Part, Get Elected,” the thorough APA governance reference “Making APA Work for You,” and descriptions of the caucuses and the process of soliciting caucus endorsement.