Division 46 uses teleconferencing for board meeting

Division of Media Psychology and Technology utilizes new technologies to connect virtually.

Division 46 (Society for Media Psychology and Technology) was the first division to ever teleconference its board meeting using the VIDYO video conference system available at the APA headquarters building in Washington. The meeting was held in February, and there was no charge to the division for the use of the VIDYO system. More than half of the division’s board members logged in from their home or office for the meeting and the proceedings were recorded through freeconferencepro.com. 

“I use video conferencing tools on a regular basis and particularly like the video component we used for the Division 46 board meeting,” said Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD, at-large board member of the division. “There were clear pictures of both the folks online and the folks in the meeting room. The strong visuals increased the connection and the face-to-face feel of the meeting.”

Keith Cooke, publications manager in APA Division Services, recently polled division leaders to find out how technology is being used to support division meetings and file-sharing. Findings are available, and Cooke may be contacted for more information on teleconferencing.



Meeting How?


File Sharing How?


5 Voice-only Skype, hotel-provided conference calling, land-line conference calling during meetings, Skype connections lost due to internet issues, cell phone conference calling but unreliable due to connection and volume issues Secretary sends zip files, likely to start using Dropbox this year
7 Email and conference calls, work well
10 Face-to-face only convention, used Skype, website, and listservs
13 Monthly telephone calls, face-to-face midyear and convention Share files in Dropbox
14 Board meetings 3x/year, augmented with board informational conference calls using Copper Conferencing, gotomeetings.com if need to share screens Use online community, my.SIOP, for sharing documents; also private group with email, library, wiki and forum functions
15 Three face-to-face board meetings per year (fall retreat, meet at AERA and APA), experimented with virtual meetings and conf calls for issues needing vote between meetings, not accepted by board members and difficult to schedule, using protected listserv to discuss issues as they arise, when vote needed discuss on listserv for 1 week and then vote on Survey Monkey
17 Cabinet meetings every two weeks via conference call, maybe freeconferencepro.com Dropbox to keep cabinet call agenda, summaries, annual reports and other agendas
18 Conference calling for mid-year meeting, hospitality suite for convention meeting
19 Some people dialed in to participate in mid-year meeting, difficult to stay engaged when remote but folks made it work and better than not having their input
20 Quarterly conference call (through University of Alabama), otherwise APA and mid-year meetings, pleased with opportunity to update and plan
21 Face-to-face at APA and mid-year telecom meeting of Exec Com, email ad-hoc meetings and sometimes ad-hoc telecons when needed
22 Conference calls to augment semi-annual board meetings, largely tied to services provided by member employers; hope to improve visibility & accessibility through better use of technology Documents shared via attachments to email
23 Board meets regularly using Skype, generally works fine though occasional trouble with connection; face-to-face at annual conference Dropbox for shared documents
24 Freeconferencecalls.com, frequently use Google+ for one-to-one meetings
27 Monthly conference calls, takes time but makes for more active organization
28 http://www.startmeeting.com/ conference call for 3.9 cents per minute per caller; used to use gotomeeting but until more folks use cameras the tech is too costly at present; have used gotomeeting, webex, freeconferencecall.com and paid phone services – webex considered superior Dropbox used routinely, gmail large doc mechanism occasionally, gmail and google’s other infrastructure services remain excellent value for small orgs but no support without enterprise support
29 Monthly meetings of Exec Com via one hour conference calls, seems to work well
31 Phone conference call for monthly meetings via freeconference.com, not using 800 number and so saving division money, face to face at APA building in Feb. 2013, also meet during convention
33 Meets 1x/year concurrently with another meeting, also conference calls from time to time
34 Annual conference used Skype
35 In-person exec com meetings 2x/year, pres trio and sections presidents have monthly conference calls Using APA Communities for document sharing, dropbox among student leaders
35.6 Anymeeting.com
37 2x/yr LeaderPhone (from Univ of KS) conference calls for board meeting, useful though difficult to schedule (using doodle polls) Sharing documents through email attachments
39 Board of Dir meets 3x/yr in person, Exec Com meetings 4x/yr in person, officers talk 4x/yr via phone, one committee meets via Ovoo, also conduct business via email Share documents via email
40 Face-to-face and conference calls for people who can’t make it to the meeting
43 Face-to-face
46 Video conferencing, phone conferencing and face-to-face; one person teaches online classes and used variety of conf technology and had most success and likes robust qualities of WebEx; join.me easy to use screen sharing tool; anymeeting.com free webinar service; used VIDYO free conference call system at APA on Feb. 21 – first time use by division – along with freeconferencepro.com for combo of in-person, online and conf call if needed Asana.com and sosius.com recommended for project management and file sharing, also dropbox and google docs for file sharing; doodle.com for scheduling meetings; sendspace.com to send large docs; via3.com used to record videoconfs (for interviews, etc.); trying to use Augmented Reality to direct people to div 46 programs during convention
48 Face-to-face with computer for those who can’t make it, used WebEx (access through institution); teleconference numbers that committees use Doc sharing through email attachments and web links
49 Board listserv and email, possibly use freeconferencecall.com for check ins with the board, possibly Google+ for video chatting but not yet Signed up to use APA Communities for document sharing
50 Face-to-face during convention and upcoming mid-year conference, monthly conference calls, using freeconferencecall.com for past three years – free, no res required, holding up to 96 people, allows taping if needed, downside is dialing long distance number but negligible deterrent Using doodle polls to set up meeting times and voting; surveymonkey for short membership survey – free, convenient, easy access to membership but limited number of questions for free, can be time-consuming depending on questions; for archives set up account on google docs but not using – free convenient, easy access but difficult to follow, not easily searchable, and doc format easily lost due to conversion, also privacy concerns; also lots of emailing back and forth
51 Two in-person meetings plus email, will begin meeting via google hangout or simple conference call
52 Periodic conf calling by chairs and committee members at freeconferencepro.com, gotomeeting.com and 1-2-3 calling occurs; services such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter
53 LeaderPhone for conference calls; one board conf call and one committee call per month; full mid-winter meeting about every three years; small subset of board met last year; full board meets at APA convention
54 LeaderPhone for conf calls; one board call every other month, one special interest group or committee call per month; full board mid-winter meeting and meets at APA convention
56 Using Chorus Call for mid-winter meetings, works great, conference call instead of face-to-face meetings, video conf might be next step, may Skype if someone can’t make it to Hawai’i for APA Distribute docs using dropbox and then talk about them via phone; another group using ShareFile to review materials, working well, also HIPAA compliant
*Any division not included did not participate in the teleconference.