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Need an Advance for Conference Expenses?

Conferences take lots of pre-planning and often require upfront deposits for such things as meeting space at a hotel or for catering and audio/visual services. These deposits can be fairly large, which raises the question for many divisions: What is the best way to get these deposits paid with the least amount of hassle? 

Did you know that you can request an estimate from the hotel, restaurant or contractor and then send it to APA Accounting Services to get a check for the estimate or deposit? You just need to send us a check request at least two weeks prior to the conference or meeting, with a completed W-9 form from the vendor and a copy of the one of the following:

  • The estimate.

  • A signed contract stating due dates of deposits.

  • A memo indicating the specifics of the advance, such as the date, place and for which meeting. 

Then we can either mail the check directly to the hotel, restaurant or contractor, or send the check to you to hand deliver. You can also request a check for the balance due, and we can provide you with a check to take to conference with you to settle up once the conference is over. Just remember to send us the final bill after the conference so that we can record it properly on our end.

Let us know if you have any questions on this process or need a copy of a blank W-9 form to send to a vendor.

APA's Central Office can provide division leaders with finance or legal support. For additional questions, contact: 

  • Finance questions: Jennifer Aldridge or Holly Flynn. 

  • Legal/contract questions: Jesse Raben.