2014 Division Leadership Conference

Leaders from APA divisions came together over Jan. 24-26, 2014, to get acquainted and make connections with one another and with APA.

By Sarah Jordan

The Division Leadership Conference, which is designed as an orientation meeting for newly elected division presidents-elect, introduces presidents-in-training to APA resources; staff; bylaws, rules and policies that apply to divisions; and legal and financial issues they may encounter as division presidents. It also provides an opportunity for divisions to network and talk about best practices in divisional activities. And finally, it offers a wide range of leadership perspectives and tips about handling the responsibilities of a division president.

Leaders from APA divisions came together over Jan. 24-26, 2014.

Highlights of the conference include:

APA Chief Executive Officer Norman Anderson, PhD, and 2014 APA President Nadine Kaslow, PhD, welcomed division leaders to the APA building on Friday evening for a reception and dinner.

Kaslow’s interest in the arts was immediately apparent as Board of Directors’ member Josephine Johnson, PhD, sang “America the Beautiful” for the assembled guests.

On Saturday, Kaslow spoke about “Lessons Learned (PDF, 1017KB),” her path through the divisions into APA leadership positions as well as her 2014 presidential initiatives.

APA Deputy CEO Mike Honaker, PhD, presented on “How APA Works (PDF, 5.57MB),” which is an amusing (and accurate) portrayal of how policy is created in APA. 

Guest speaker Sue Frantz delivered a lively presentation, “Technology for Division Presidents (PDF, 176KB),” on technology tools that presidents-elect might use to get themselves organized and facilitate electronic communications. 

Judith Glassgold, PsyD, delivered the presentation “APA-Division Partnership in Advocacy (PDF, 1.09MB),” which introduces APA’s Government Relations Office staff and speaks to the many ways that divisions can become involved in policy and advocacy activities. 

APA legal counsel Ann Springer spoke about “Legal Matters (PDF, 841KB),” which informs new leaders about the legal pitfalls they may encounter during their term as division president. The presentation contains so much useful information for a new division president and ends with the following encouraging message:

When in doubt, call your lawyers!
We are free.
We problem solve.
Most flexibility if we are with you from the beginning in addressing a problem.

At Saturday’s dinner, to the delight of conference participants, APAGS Chair Jennifer Doran sang about divisions to the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”:

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There's a division that I heard of, where membership is high.
Somewhere over the rainbow
I'm a new president, too,
And I hope my initiatives for the year come true.

Running a division seems like work so far
I'd rather be on CODAPAR, with this year far behind me.
But I'm here now, it's time to lead,
And APA's there, to help me succeed — that's where you'll find me!
Somewhere over the rainbow, divisions fly
Divisions fly over the rainbow, why then oh why can't I?

If happy little divisions fly, beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why, can't I?

On Sunday, 2014 APA President-elect Barry Anton, PhD, and Board of Directors member Bill Strickland, PhD, introduced division leaders to the activities around the Implementation Working Group in their session, “The Good Governance Project: Transitioning to APA’s New Governance Model (PDF, 202KB).”

Other DLC presentations and informational handouts included: