For Division Leaders

Council new business items through February 2014

CODAPAR provides a summary of new business items submitted between the close of the August 2013 and February 2014 sessions of APA's Council of Representatives.

The Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR) provides the following information to division leaders to increase the awareness of and opportunity for division input to governance issues that are on the current agendas of APA boards and committees. The Agenda Planning Group, which is made up of the chairs of APA standing boards, CSFC, CODAPAR (representing division interests), CAPP (representing state/provincial interests) and APAGS reviewed the items and referred them to APA groups for consideration. Divisions are invited to comment on these items. Summary statements for each item appear below, along with a list of the APA boards and committees to which the item was referred. The board or committee appearing in bold has been designated lead group for the item. Division comments on each item should be directed to the lead board or committee. Please feel free to contact Sarah Jordan in the Division Services Office if additional information is needed.

  • Item 23A: Resolution in Favor of APA Providing Support and Assistance to Military and National Security Psychologists Striving to Abide by the APA Ethics Code and APA Policy
    The mover proposes a different approach toward APA policy that addresses the work of the military and national security psychologists. The proposed resolution is meant to assist and support psychologists in abiding by the Ethics Code and APA policy.

    Referred to: Ethics Committee, Board of Professional Affairs, Committee on Legal Issues and Policy and Planning Board.
  • Item 23B: Implementation of the 2008 Membership Vote to Remove Psychologists from All Settings that Operate Outside of International Law
    Two implementation actions are proposed to follow up on the 2008 APA membership vote which put in place the 2009 policy on psychologists and unlawful detention settings with a focus on national security.

    Referred to: Committee on Legal Issues, Policy and Planning Board, Board of Professional Affairs and Ethics Committee.
  • Item 23C: Helping International Colleagues with DORA (scientists “Declaration on Research Assessment”)
    This item encourages APA to sign the 2012 Declaration on Research Assessment in an effort to support international colleagues and promote the use of evidence-based science to improve public policies.

    Referred to: Board of Scientific Affairs, Committee on International Relations in Psychology and the Publications and Communications Board.