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Updates from the Education Directorate

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Request for proposals: APA Grants for Internship Programs

APA has allocated up to $3 million over a period of three years for seed funding under a grant application process to increase the number of APA-accredited internship programs and positions. The dual purposes are to expand the number of accredited internship positions and to promote quality training for professional practice. This grant program is one component of multifaceted efforts across the profession and APA to address the significant imbalance in supply and demand for accredited internships. These grants will be limited to applicant internship programs operated by nonprofit entities.

For more information, please visit the grant website

Updates from the Practice Directorate

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  • Around 450 psychology leaders from the United States, its territories and Canada gathered in Washington, D.C., from March 8-11, 2014, for the 31st annual State Leadership Conference (SLC) sponsored by APAPO and APA. On the final day of the conference, SLC attendees took three key legislative advocacy messages to approximately 300 meetings on Capitol Hill with members of Congress and staff.
  • APA Practice provided practical guidance for psychologists on billing and continuing to prepare for ICD-10 implementation, which is now delayed until October 2015.
  • The APA Practice Organization (APAPO) is looking to identify potential plaintiffs for class action litigation addressing violations of the federal mental health parity law. If one of your patients has suffered a “denial” of mental health care with all six elements described below, please email us and describe the situation.
  • In March, we learned that Aetna exercised its right under the Ingenix class action lawsuit settlement agreement to terminate the $120 million settlement because too many class members with large claims “opted out” of the settlement. Psychologists who had not yet submitted a claim should save information they may have gathered, but should not submit the claim.
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a March 18 letter alerting mental health professionals about the need to accurately document the time spent providing psychotherapy services. The article underscores the importance of documenting the time spent on any psychotherapy session.

Updates from the Public Interest Directorate

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APA Annual Convention

Public Interest programming will address a wide array of current and critical topics, including:

  • Overcoming community violence.
  • “Stand your ground” laws.
  • Gun violence.
  • Conscience clauses and professional education and licensing.
  • Reducing health disparities — proactive smoking interventions, and improving the health of boys and men.
  • The human right to benefit from science.
  • 40 years of APA Congressional Fellowships.
SAMSHA's National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is May 8, 2014. The awareness day seeks to communicate that positive mental health is essential to a child's healthy development from birth.

Dreams & nightmares: What hip-hop can teach us about Black youth

Cendrine Robinson, MS, writes for In the Public Interest, discussing Hip Hop Therapy and how hip hop music can be utilized to engage clients in treatment by helping establish rapport with the therapist.

A Student's Perspective

The Public Interest Directorate is happy to introduce a new column of its In the Public Interest newsletter: “A Student's Perspective.” This gives students the opportunity to reflect on psychological issues and why psychology needs to address those issues. 

Take a moment and check out some great articles from our college students: 

Public Interest wants to hear from you, a student with a voice! We are seeking to share your valuable insight on psychological issues. If you are interested please contact G. Tina Wolridge. Feel free to subscribe to In the Public Interest.

Updates from the Science Directorate

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