Call for Nominations/Awards

Committee on Socioeconomic Status call for nominations

Seeking candidates to serve three-year terms commencing on Jan. 1, 2015. Deadline for all submissions is Sept. 5, 2014.

The Committee on Socioeconomic Status (CSES) is pleased to invite nominations for service on the committee. CSES anticipates two membership vacancies and is seeking qualified candidates to serve three-year terms commencing January 2015. Nominations can originate from individuals, APA committees, boards and divisions, as well as self-nominations.

The mission of CSES is to further APA's strategic goal “to advance psychology as a science and a profession and as a means of promoting health, education and human welfare” by ensuring that issues of socioeconomic status receive the full attention of the association. The committee identifies and acts as a catalyst in APA's efforts to address issues of SES and promote appropriate attention to SES in psychological research and practice. In this regard, the committee shall:

  • Collect information and documentation concerning SES.
  • Promote scientific understanding of the roles of poverty and SES in health, education and human welfare.
  • Develop approaches to the application of psychology that take into account the effects of SES on psychological development and well-being.
  • Advocate for social policy that will alleviate or reduce the disparities between SES groups.

Nominees are being sought who have expertise in psychological issues related to social class and SES inequalities; have conducted research that aided in the scientific understanding of the roles of SES/social class in psychology; and have developed approaches to the application of psychology taking into account the effects of SES on psychological development and well-being. CSES has a strong commitment to full diversity in representation (e.g., ethnicity, culture, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, geographic location, early career, retired, and individuals who are employed less than full time).

CSES members are required to attend two committee meetings each year in Washington, D.C., with expenses reimbursed by APA. Nominees should expect to attend all committee meetings. In 2015, the meetings are scheduled for March 27-29 and Sept. 18-20. Committee members also work on CSES priorities between meetings and will be expected to participate in regular committee conference calls and electronic mailing list discussions. In addition, CSES members are encouraged to attend CSES-related symposia and events at the APA Annual Convention if possible, though expenses cannot be reimbursed.

Each nomination packet must include the following information:

  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • A letter of intent describing willingness to serve and a statement that highlights what the nominee would like to contribute to advancing the mission of CSES.
  • A brief description of qualifications, specifically highlighting the nominee's interests and focus.
  • Letters of recommendation are not required. However, up to two letters of recommendation will be accepted per nominee.

Nomination applications must be received in their entirety by Friday, Sept. 5, 2014, and should be sent to the APA Office of Socioeconomic Status.

Failure to adhere to this requirement may jeopardize the acceptance of your submission for review. For additional information about the application process, please contact the APA Office on Socioeconomic Status at (202) 216-7601.