For Division Leaders

Tech tip: Collecting lots of documents

This will help you if you have many in-bound attachments.

By John Fennig, PhD, LP

We use this a lot when helping clients hire people — “send your resume to xyz address.” They all go into that folder and no cat wrangling!

It is akin to being in a meeting and handing out paper single sheet to the others and then asking them to collate, bind and file it all themselves. We would never do that in person but do all the time via email.

The primary shift here is from “push” to “pull.” Push is sending the core content out in shotgun manner to the many. Pull is (like the genius of the self-service salad bar at a restaurant) making a central and organized place available and inviting the many to come (pulling them) to the material. A website is a form of pull as were bulletin board services before that. Electronic mailing lists, alas, are push — unless participants know they can search the archives of any particular list for historical content (few know and do this).