Contract Divisions

The APA Division Services Office provides contract administrative services to the following divisions:

1 Society for General Psychology
2 Society for the Teaching of Psychology
3 Experimental Psychology 
5 Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics
7 Developmental Psychology
10 Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts
13 Society of Consulting Psychology
15 Educational Psychology
16 School Psychology
17 Society of Counseling Psychology
18 Psychologists in Public Service
19 Society for Military Psychology
20 Adult Development and Aging
21 Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology
22 Rehabilitation Psychology
24 Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
26 Society for the History of Psychology
28 Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse
30 Society of Psychological Hypnosis
31 State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs
32 Society for Humanistic Psychology
34 Society for Environmental, Population and Conservation Psychology
35 Society for the Psychology of Women
36 Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
37 Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice
38 Health Psychology
40 Society for Clinical Neuropsychology
43 Society for Family Psychology
44 Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues
45 Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race 
46 Society for Media Psychology and Technology
47 Exercise and Sport Psychology
48 Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence: Peace Psychology Division
49 Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy
50 Society of Addiction Psychology
51 Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity
52 International Psychology
56 Trauma Psychology