Membership Board: 2013 Annual Report

The Membership Board (MB) is a standing board of the association. Members are elected by the Council of Representatives (COR). The 2013 MB consisted of 9 members as follows: a minimum of two are Fellows of the association and the remaining members represent the diverse membership. The board has oversight for the recruitment and retention activities for the association, has the authority to elect qualified persons to initial member status and has the responsibility for establishing and regulating the APA criteria that the Fellows Committee uses to review and recommend member nominees for the election of Fellow status.

The 2013 Membership Board Members

Bonnie Strickland, PhD, Chair; Barry Chung, PhD.; Susan Cochrane, PhD.; Alice Cronin-Golomb, PhD; Sue Frantz, MA, Chair-Elect ; BraVada M. Garrett-Akinsanya, PhD; Frederick Leong, PhD; Earl Turner, PhD; and Marlene Maheu, PhD

Waiver Applications

The MB reviewed two membership waiver applications, neither met the membership criteria and therefore was not recommended for membership.


Some of the important work of the board for 2013 are highlighted below:

  1. The MB consulted and engaged various groups in ongoing discussions to determine the different kinds of data necessary to conduct their business (membership trend data, information related to the profession, etc.).

  2. Hosted a Conference Committee Meeting at the 2013 Spring Consolidated Meeting to present and discuss the kinds of membership data that is currently available such as reports that analyze membership trends and provide membership counts by multiple data points, including:

    1. Counts by membership categories

    2. Dues trends

    3. Retention data by membership category

    4. Division memberships

    5. Demographic data for various segments including: early career, students, race and ethnicity, and science and research orientation members.

  3. Responded to various Council Cross Cutting agenda items, including but not limited to:

    • Nominated candidates for the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology

    • Supported the item to create an official definition for early career members as psychologists who are within 10 years receipt of the doctoral degree.

    • Recommended that the COR receive the report on the Trafficking of Women and Girls

    • Submitted a comment on the report on Gun Violence Prediction and Prevention.

  4. Reviewed and forwarded nominations for Initial Election Fellow Status as recommended by the Fellows Committee to the BOD and COR for approval. 146 new APA Fellows were approved in 2013.

  5. Donated programming hours to the Student Council, CECP and Presidential Programming for the 2014 APA convention in Washington, DC.

  6. Developed a white paper report on best practices for creating mentoring programs as part of the MB's initiative on Leadership Development. The report will be posted as a member resource on the APA website.

  7. Responded to a request from the Committee of Teachers of Psychology at Secondary Schools (TOPSS) about ideas to enhance member benefits for Teacher Affiliates. The board encouraged TOPSS to follow up with the Publications and Communications Board on the suggestions focused on publication discounts and to identify budget resources for the suggested teacher engagement efforts.

  8. Began discussions with the Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) about the possibility of creating a new membership category for Psychology Affiliates. The MB suggested that the category be renamed Allied Professional Affiliate. The board also recommended that both groups (BEA and the MB) work with staff to develop a report with recommendations (including financial implications, objectives, projections, etc.).

  9. Entered talks with the Committee on Division and APA Relations (CODAPAR) about the possibility of creating a common online membership application for divisions and APA.

  10. Worked with staff to explore the possibility of instituting PayPal or a similar online application for members to use to pay their membership dues.


The MB would like to thank the dedicated APA Staff Members as we could not have been as successful without their dedicated support: Tabitha Brown, Joseph Cox, Kevin Spotts, Barbara Spruill, and Dee Valencia. We are especially indebted to Sonja Wiggins and Rhea Farberman.