Board of Convention Affairs Annual Report 2010

The Board of Convention Affairs held two meetings in 2010 – March 19-20, 2010, and October 22-24, 2010.  Initial planning for the 2011 plenary sessions at the annual convention was implemented by the Central Programming Working Group, which met with the Board of Convention Affairs in October. BCA actions on convention policy during 2008 are noted below.

  1. Approved a change in the number of words for an individual presentation summary from "500- to 1,000 words" to "250- 500 words" in the Call for Programs.

  2. Approved a limit of two proposals from any one individual for the convention.Language for the Call for Programs was approved.

    "An individual may submit a maximum of two proposals to be considered for the Convention in any given year.  Multiple submissions that are redundant or substantively similar are not permitted.  Each proposal must be submitted to one, and only one, division program chairperson."

  3. Recommended to the Board of Directors that Chicago, Illinois be the site for the 2019 Convention.

  4. Approved language to be added to the Call for Programs section on Ownership and Use of Submitted Materials and Presentations.

    Add this language at the very end of the section - – "Further, as a condition of presenting or speaking at the APA Annual Convention, Presenter agrees to be recorded and/or videotaped and grants APA a royalty-free non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, publicly display, distribute and prepare derivative works of the presentation in any medium, including electronic, online (including podcasts and streaming media) and/or print format. This license shall also include electronic archiving in the APA PsycEXTRA database or another archive service utilized by the APA either now or in the future."

  5. Recommended to the Board of Directors that San Diego, California be the site for the 2021 Convention.