The Publications and Communications Board (P&C) and the Office of Publications and Databases (OPD) addressed challenges and issues surrounding the global scholarly publishing climate to finish the year as one the most successful for APA publishing to date.

At the direction of the P&C Board and to fulfill APA’s global mission of disseminating psychological science, the Office of Publications and Databases had a record year in terms of production and improved services for print and electronic alike.  Below are the 2007 highlights:

Highlights of P&C Board Actions

  • At the 2007 APA Annual Convention, the P&C Board added a new symposium “Joining the Publication Pipeline: How to Review”.  Aimed at members of underrepresented groups, early career psychologists, and graduate students, this session gave theoretical and practical advice for becoming a good manuscript reviewer. The session was co-sponsored with BAPPI.

  • In 2007, the P&C Board presented four “How to Publish Your Manuscript” symposiums at the regional conferences of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, the Western Psychological Association, the New England Psychological Association, and the Eastern Psychological Association.

  • The P&C Board actively continues to monitor the substantial issues in the scholarly publishing industry, including technology, Open Access, government-mandated Public Access, and large for profit search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Legislation passed in 2007, which now requires mandatory deposits of final manuscripts about research which was funded by the National Institute of Health.

  • Diversity of the P&C Board from July, 2007 to present is as follows: Ethnic minority- 22%; women-44.4%; and persons with disabilities—11%.  The Council of Editors’ Chair is Anne Kazak, PhD.  The P&C Board appointed two new seats for its sub-committee, Electronic Resources Advisory Council (ERAC). Those seats are for a member of APAGS and an early career psychologist.


  • On July 9, 2007, APA announced the release of its newly enhanced search platform, APA PsycNET.  A truly APA-wide collaborative effort, the new APA PsycNET platform project was led by PsycINFO and Information Technology Services (ITS). The new APA PsycNET platform provides a visually pleasing and feature-rich environment for searching the five APA research databases--PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, PsycBOOKS, PsycEXTRA and PsycCRITIQUES. Notable enhancements to the platform include: simultaneous cross-database searching, full integration of APA’s Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, author and journal lookups, a new Citation Finder and cited reference searching, My PsycNET personal search manager, and enhanced record displays.

  • During 2007, PsycINFO added 132,562 new records to the overall database, and expanded coverage by adding 160 journals to the coverage list, bringing the number of journals now covered to 2339.

  • PsycINFO held two APA Library Advisory Council meetings of 2007.  The members represent a range of perspectives within the library community including directors, bibliographers, psychology specialists, collection development, electronic resource specialists, and consortia representatives. The representatives have provided PsycINFO with vital input regarding product features, pricing strategies, training and education, and policies regarding usage of electronic products.

  • PsycINFO awarded the “Librarian Excellence in Psychology and Social Sciences” at the Annual Meeting of the American Library Association in June, 2007 to Mark Stover, head of reference services at the San Diego State University.  Stover, the former editor of the Behavioral Science Librarian, is well known for creating the Test Finder.

APA Books

  • APA Books released 37 new titles in 2007. Those releases included Assessing Hispanic Clients Using the MMPI-2 and MMPI-Aby James N. Butcher, PhD, Jose Cabiya, PhD, Emilia Lucio, PhD, and Maria Garrido, PsyD, and How to Write for a General Audience: A Guide for Academics Who Want to Share Their Knowledge With the World and Have Fun Doing It by Kathleen A. Kendall-Tackett, PhD.

  • The American Librarian Association’s review journal Choice Awards for 2007 honored the APA Dictionary of Psychology, and Psychology and Economic Injustice: Personal, Professional, and Political Intersections by Bernice Lott, PhD and Heather E. Bullock, PhD.

  • In 2007, APA’s book, Why Aren’t More Women in Science: Top Researchers Debate the Evidence, edited by Stephen J. Ceci and Wendy M. Williams, won the Independent Book Publisher’s Annual Award, Bronze Medal for 2007. Receiving a Gold Medal in the books category. Rumor Psychology: Social and Organizational Approaches was a Gold Medal Winner for ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year.

  • APA Books added 23 new titles to the APA Psychotherapy Video Series, including Evidence-Based Treatment with Larry E. Beutler demonstrating his research-directed approach to therapy as well as Integrative Family Therapy with Jay Lebow, PhD and Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Older Adults with Depression with Gregory A. Hinrichsen, PhD.

  • Magination Press released 8 new titles in 2007, including What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming OCD by Dawn Huebner and illustrated by Bonnie Matthews. It won the 2007 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Children’s Products competition.  The 2007 title, Samantha Jane’s Missing Smile:  A Story About Coping With the Loss of a Parent by Julie Kaplow, PhD and Donna Pincus, PhD, and illustrated by Beth Speiegand, won the 2007 Outstanding Product Winner from iParenting Media Awards title.

  • Also in 2007 on the Magination Press imprint, the iParenting Award Winner and Teachers’ Choice Award Winner, Rewards for Kids!  by Virginia M. Shiler, PhD, with Meg F. Schneider and illustrated by Bonnie Matthews was translated into Spanish and is available as Recompensas para Niños Por Buen Comportamiento.

APA Journals

  • APA Journals published over 33,000 pages in 2007 in 49 journals.

  • APA Journals and the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) have entered into a publishing agreement for the CPA’s three titles: Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, and Canadian Psychology. APA Journals publishing the three CPA titles will begin in January 2008.  Past and current content for the CPA titles also resides in APA’s database, PsycARTICLES.

  • In 2007, APA Journals signed a ten-year contract with the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) to publish their new journal dedicated to the advancement of the NADOHE mission.  NADOHE serves as the preeminent voice of higher education diversity policy by organizing, supporting, and guiding the collective efforts of individuals charged with institutional diversity leadership to transform institutions, inspire colleagues, engage campus, governmental and private sector leaders, and advance the ideals of diversity.

  • APA Journals and the Association for Play Therapy have entered into a publishing agreement to publish the APT’s journal, the International Journal of Play Therapy, beginning in 2007. The APT is a national professional society based in California and is dedicated to promoting the value of play and play therapy, advancing the psychosocial development and mental health of all people. The APT seeks to advance the effective practice of play therapy though research, as well as education and training.

  •  In 2007, APA Journals published 17 special issues or sections of journals. Some examples include:

    • Journal of Counseling Psychology. (July, 2007). “Conceptual and methodological issues in the study of race and ethnicity.”

    • Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. (June, 2007). “Health care for the whole person”.

  • In 2007, the P&C Board was pleased to announce these editorial appointments, naming the following to six-year terms to begin in 2008 as the editor-elect year (and 2009 as the beginning masthead year).

    • Journal of Educational Psychology---Arthur Graesser, PhD

    • Psychological Bulletin---Stephen Hinshaw, PhD

    • Journal of Applied Psychology---Steve Kozlowski, PhD

    • Psychology of Addictive Behaviors---Stephen Maisto, PHD

    • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes---Geffry A. Simpson, PhD

    • Behavioral Neuroscience---Mark Blumberg, PhD

  • The P&C Board opened four searches in 2007 for the following journals:

    • Psychological Assessment

    • Journal of Family Psychology

    • Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes

    • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Personality, Processes, and Individual Differences.

Sales, Marketing, and Licenses

  • Consortia sales staff closed over $4,000,000 in December, 2007. Of special note are the new sales and markets for the PsycNET Platform. For example, new PsycNET business in Norway for a national consortium of hospitals, universities, and training institutions increased PsycARTICLES from $70,000 in 2206 to $216,000 in 2007, for a 210% increase of $146,000.

  • In November, 2007, APA Sales staff attended the Conference in Belgrade, Serbia to meet with academic consortia representatives from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Poland, and Egypt, Malawi, and Lithuania. is a not-for-profit organization that supports and advocates for the wide availability of electronic resources by library users in countries with emerging economies. Meetings and presentations focused on APA database, the new PsycNET platform, and understanding the unique financial challenges facing these countries.

  • In 2007, the Sales, Marketing, and Licenses staff held over 37 exhibits and finalized the 2008 Exhibits calendar with over 35 exhibitions to include Europe, Asia, and South America.

In May, 2007, the APA Sales and Marketing team, along with their partners JPG, won the prestigious American Marketing Association Annual “M” Award for Best Printed collateral piece for the APA Databases promotional sales informational sales tool.  Used for the institutional market, the APA Databases collateral piece was a colorful folder with individual inserts for each database.