Board of Directors Approved Minutes: February 18 & 19, 2004

Present: Diane F. Halpern, PhD; Robert J. Sternberg, PhD; Ruth Ullmann Paige, PhD, Gerald P. Koocher, PhD; Norman B. Anderson, PhD; Barry S. Anton, PhD; Paul L. Craig, PhD; Thomas J. DeMaio, PhD; Carol D. Goodheart, EdD; Chris Loftis, MS; J. Bruce Overmier, PhD; and Sandra L. Shullman, PhD.

Absent: Ronald F. Levant, EdD.

I. Minutes of meeting

A.(1)  The Board voted to approve the minutes of the December 12-14, 2003, meeting of the Board of Directors.

II. Elections, awards, membership and human resources

A.(2)  The Board discussed a request from Robert Perloff, PhD, that an ombuds position be created for the Association.   The Board requested that Drs. Anderson and Halpern contact Dr. Perloff and Nicholas Cummings, PhD, Patrick H. DeLeon, PhD, JD, Jack G. Wiggins, PhD, and Rogers H. Wright, PhD, who expressed support for the ombuds position, to inform them of the mechanisms currently available to members who register a complaint to APA and also to determine if there is additional information regarding this request that the Board may find helpful receiving (e.g. specific instances which led them to believe that the current mechanisms aren’t adequate).  The Board requested that information be posted on the APA website regarding mechanisms currently available to members for registering a complaint.

B. In executive session, the Board voted to reappoint John J. McCormack to the Finance Committee as
a non-voting member for the term January 1, 2004, through December 31, 2006.

III. Ethics

No items.

IV. Board of Directors

A.(3)  The Board voted to allocate $15,000 from the President-elect's discretionary fund to support the following 2005 presidential initiatives of Dr. Levant: Making Psychology a Household Word, Positioning Psychology as a Top Tier Health Discipline, Increasing Diversity in the Association and Evidence-Based Practice. Two additional themes are Collaborating with the American Psychological Society and Supporting the APA Education Leadership Conference.

B.(4)  The Board voted to recommend that Council reject the following motion and refer it to the Board for its consideration after receipt of the interim report of the task force:

That Council of Representatives allocates $10,000 from its 2004 discretionary fund, $2000 more than originally requested, to support the work of the Task Force on External Funding, including materials, data collection, conference calls and one meeting to be held in Washington, DC, in 2004.

C.(5)  The Board voted to recommend that Council extend the charge of the Ad Hoc Committee on Early Career Psychologists for two years and allocate $12,000 from its 2004 discretionary fund to support two meetings of the ad hoc committee in 2004, recognizing that the ad hoc committee will need to seek additional funding in 2005.

D.(6)  The Board voted to postpone the item “Presidential Task Force on Governance Recommendations for Emerging Issues Work Groups” to its June 2004 meeting.

E.(7)  The Board voted to accept the Report of the Task Force on Sexual Orientation and Military Service and requested that it be referred to boards and committees for review and comment.

V. Divisions and state and provincial associations

No items.

VI. Organizations of APA

No items.

VII. Publication and communications

No items.

VIII. Convention affairs

No items.

IX. Educational affairs

A.(8)  The Board voted to recommend that Council allocate $9,300 from its 2004 discretionary fund to support the Task Force on the Assessment of Clinical Competencies in Professional Education and Training.  The Board noted it recommended an additional $1300 be added to the original request so that the Board of Professional Affairs and the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice could each appoint one person to the Task Force.

B.(9)  The Board voted to recommend that Council allocate $12,500 from its 2004 discretionary fund to support activities of the APA Coalition on Psychology in the Schools.

C.(9A)  The Board voted to recommend that Council approve the document Developing and Evaluating
Standards and Guidelines Related to Education and Training in Psychology:  Context, Procedures, Criteria, and Format.

D. The Board discussed Evidence-Based Education after the presentation from Cynthia D. Belar,
PhD, Executive Director, Education Directorate, regarding this issue.

X. Professional affairs

A.(10)  The Board voted to allocate $20,000 from its 2004 discretionary fund to support APA’s sponsor participation fee for continued participation in and sponsorship of Phase II of the Wye River Group on Healthcare’s Community Leadership Project.

XI. Scientific Affairs

A.(11)  The Board voted to allocate $15,000 from its 2004 discretionary fund to support one meeting of the BSA Task Force on Research Regulation and the production and dissemination of resources developed by the task force.

B.(11A)  The Board received the Report from the Board of Directors Subcommittee on APA’s International Activities.  The Board commended the subcommittee for its work and requested that the COO implement the recommendations from the subcommittee as appropriate.  The Board requested that top priority be given, as stated in the report, for developing a mechanism for rotation of UN representation.  The Board asked that a request come to the Board if funding is needed for implementing some of the recommendations.

XII. Public Interest

No items.

XIII. Ethnic Minority Affairs

A.(12)  The Board voted to defer to 2005 the costs of the grantsmanship efforts associated with the proposed conference titled Psychology Public Policy and Communities of Color in the United States and Throughout the World: Critical Issues, Knowledge and Skills.

B.(13)  The Board voted to allocate $10,000 of its 2004 discretionary fund to the Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs for the production and dissemination of the CEMRRAT2 Task Force Textbook Initiative Work Group’s booklet entitled, "Toward an inclusive psychology: Infusing the introductory course with diversity content." 

XIV. International Affairs

No items.

XV. Central Office

No items.

XVI. Financial affairs

No items.

Note:  President Halpern recused herself from voting on all discretionary fund items.