Bylaws of the American Psychological Association - Article X: Nominations and Elections

  1. The Election Committee shall issue annually a call by mail to all voting members of the Association for nominations for the office of President-elect. The nomination ballots shall provide spaces for at least three names to be listed in order of preference. Forty-five days after mailing the nomination ballots, the Election Committee shall close nominations and shall make a preferential count of nominees for President-elect. The Election Committee shall then prepare for the final election ballot a slate including the names of the five persons who receive the largest numbers of nominating votes.

  2. The Election Committee shall mail to all voting Members of the Association the final ballot, which shall include nominees for President-elect and may include the names of nominees to such other offices as may be appropriate.

  3. The Election Committee shall determine the eligibility of nominees and ascertain that all the nominees for any office are willing to stand for office. If any one nominee is found to be ineligible or unwilling to stand for office, the name of the person ranking next on the preferential count shall be substituted.

  4. Forty-five days after mailing a final ballot, the Election Committee shall close the election and shall make a preferential count of the election ballot. Tie votes shall be resolved by lot. The Election Committee shall also secure reports from the Divisions and from the State/Provincial Associations of the results of all elections conducted by them. The election results shall be reported by the Election Committee to the Board of Directors and Council within thirty days after the ballot closes.