Bylaws of the American Psychological Association - Article XII: Regional Psychological Associations

  1. A Regional Psychological Association may, upon vote of Council, become affiliated with the American Psychological Association, provided that a majority of its members are Members of the American Psychological Association.

  2. An affiliated Regional Psychological Association shall be representative of the scientific and professional interests of the psychologists within a given region. For the purpose of these Bylaws, a region shall be understood to be a major geographic area. The objectives of an affiliated Regional Association shall fall within the scope of the objectives specified in Article I of these Bylaws, and its membership shall not be restricted on any basis other than psychological interests and qualifications or place of residence or work.

  3. An affiliated Regional Psychological Association shall exercise such control over its membership that membership in the affiliated association shall not imply membership in the American Psychological Association.

  4. In the event that Council finds that the conditions of affiliation are not being fulfilled by an affiliated Regional Psychological Association or that its affiliation is no longer in the best interest of the American Psychological Association, the principal officers of the Regional Association shall be so informed and the affiliation may thereafter be terminated by a two-thirds vote of Council.

  5. The Association shall not be responsible for the acts or omissions of its regional affiliates, except as specifically authorized by these Bylaws or other duly promulgated rule of Council.