Bylaws of the American Psychological Association - Article XIX: Dues and Subscriptions

  1. The basic Association dues to be paid annually by Members and Associate members shall be determined by Council and shall include subscriptions to such publications as may be determined by Council. In addition to the basic dues, each Member shall pay a fixed amount, to be determined by Council, for each Division over and above one to which the Member belongs.

  2. The annual fees to be paid by International Affiliates, High School Teacher Affiliates, and Student Affiliates, and the publications of the Association to which they shall be entitled, shall be determined by Council.

  3. Nonpayment of dues for one year shall be considered as equivalent to a request for resignation from the Association.

  4. There shall be made available to each Division a fixed amount, to be determined by Council, from the dues paid by each member of the Association who is a member of that Division. A Division may require additional dues of its own members.

  5. Council may authorize special subscription rates to publications of the Association for special groups of subscribers.

  6. Any Fellow, Member, or Associate member who has reached the age of sixty-five and has been a member of the Association for at least twenty-five years shall become eligible for a dues reduction process, culminating in dues exemption. Such members shall retain all rights and privileges of membership in the Association except the privilege of receiving those publications of the Association ordinarily provided to its members as a membership benefit. In order to permit the receipt of such publications, however, an option to pay a reasonable subscription price/servicing fee for them shall be made available to dues-exempt members. (For purposes of this Subsection, membership in the American Association of Applied Psychology prior to its amalgamation with the American Psychological Association shall be counted.)

  7. Any Fellow, Member, or Associate member who has been adjudged totally and permanently disabled shall be exempt from further payment of dues. Such members shall retain other rights and privileges of the Association.