Bylaws of the American Psychological Association - Article XX: Amendments

  1. The Association, by vote of the voting Members on the official rolls of the Association at the time of sending, may adopt such Bylaws or amendments to Bylaws as are consistent with the Association's Certificate of Incorporation and are deemed necessary for the management of the affairs of the Association.

  2. Amendments may be proposed (a) by Council, (b) by the Policy and Planning Board, (c) by the Board of Directors when approved by Council by a majority vote, or (d) by petition signed by four percent or more of the Members of the Association. A copy of each amendment proposed, with space appropriate for voting and such explanations of the amendments are as deemed necessary, shall be sent to the last recorded address of each Fellow, Member, and voting Associate member. Pro and con statements shall accompany amendments unless two thirds of the representatives present and voting consider such statements to be unnecessary. Forty five days after the date of sending, the poll shall be closed and the votes counted by the Election Committee, which shall certify the result to Council at its next meeting, at which time the amendment, if passed by two thirds of all the Members voting, shall take effect.