Bylaws of the American Psychological Association - Article IV: Power and Functions of the Council of Representatives

  1. There shall be a Council of Representatives which shall be the legislative body of the Association and shall have full power and authority over the affairs and funds of the Association within the limitations set by the Certificate of Incorporation and these Bylaws, including the power to review, upon its own initiative, the actions of any board, committee, Division, or affiliated organization.

  2. A business meeting of Council shall be held at the time and place of the Annual Convention and at such other times as shall be specified by Council. Special meetings may be called by vote of the Board of Directors or of Council. Upon the written request of at least fifteen percent of the members of Council that a special meeting shall be called, a mail poll of Council shall be taken. The special meeting shall be called provided that a majority of those voting, but at least 40% of the membership of Council, agrees to such a request. Notices of meetings, in writing, for every annual or special meeting of the Council shall be prepared and mailed to the last known post office address of each Representative not less than fifteen days before any such meetings; and if for a special meeting, such notices shall state the object or objects thereof, and no business shall be transacted except that stated in the notice for said special meeting.

  3. Council shall publish its minutes and proceedings. If one-fourth of the Representatives present so request, the minutes shall include a record of those Representatives voting for and against a motion. If one-fourth of the Representatives present so request, the Recording Secretary shall record in the minutes a brief description of majority and minority positions on any given Council action. Meetings of Council, except those specifically designated as executive sessions, shall be open to Members of the Association, but they may not speak or otherwise participate in the meeting unless specifically invited to do so by the President.

  4. Upon petition of .50% of the Members in good standing at the time of the petition's filing with the Recording Secretary or upon vote of any Division or State, Provincial or Territorial Association, any matter of legislation may be brought to the attention of Council, which shall vote upon it at its next meeting.

  5. Upon petition of 1% of the Members in good standing, a request for a mail vote of the voting Members of the Association upon any matter, but not involving an amendment to the Bylaws, may be addressed to Council, which shall present the matter covered by the petition, if it is not inconsistent with the Certificate of Incorporation or these Bylaws, to the voting Members of the Association for a mail vote. Council shall take such action as may be necessary to implement the result of any such vote.

  6. A majority of the members of Council shall constitute a quorum. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, decisions shall be by a majority of those voting.

  7. Council shall be authorized to adopt and publish rules and codes for the transaction of the business of the Association, provided the same do not conflict with these Bylaws and the Certificate of Incorporation.

  8. The parliamentary authority for the Association shall be Keesey's Modern Parliamentary Procedure.