Association Rules — 180. Convention Affairs

180-1. Board of Convention Affairs

180-1.1 The Board of Convention Affairs shall consist of six elected members, three to be elected every other year for a term of four years, plus such other members that may be appointed by the APA President at his or her discretion for terms from one to four years.

180-2. Responsibilities of Board

180-2.1 The Board of Convention Affairs shall be responsible for the overall program of the convention and for the coordination of programs arranged by divisions of the APA, by boards and committees, and by affiliated and nonaffiliated organizations. The Board shall have the responsibility to recommend policies governing the following matters: (a) allocations of space and time for scheduled events during the convention; (b) the Call for Programs, Convention Program, and other publications relevant to convention activities; (c) registration procedures, including recommendations for convention fee changes, directed to the Board of Directors; (d) the presentation of contributed papers, symposia, and other programs of a substantive nature; (e) the listing and scheduling of non-substantive meetings; (f) the deadlines for the various steps in arranging a program; (g) the acceptability of commercial exhibits; and (h) the provision of ancillary services.

180-3. Purposes of the Convention

180-3.1 The purposes of the annual convention are to (a) provide a forum in which members may present their scientific and scholarly work, (b) present a general program that will be informative and of interest to all APA members, (c) facilitate the exchange of experience relating to the applications of psychology, and (d) provide a place where the business of the Association can be carried on efficiently. Not one of these purposes shall be systematically favored at the expense of another, nor shall external considerations, such as costs and administrative convenience, become a dominant factor in planning the program.

180-4. Policy with Respect to Non-Discrimination

180-4.1 The Board of Convention Affairs shall be guided in its selection of cities as convention sites and of facilities, as well as in the conduct of the convention itself, by non-discriminatory practices.

180-5. Convention Manager

180-5.1 There shall be a convention manager employed by Central Office. He or she shall be responsible for preliminary negotiations relative to convention sites and arrangements. Subject to the approval of the chief staff officer, he or she shall conclude and administer arrangements with hotels and other agencies in the host city. The convention manager shall have charge of all arrangements for the annual convention within the limits of policies set forth by the Board of Convention Affairs, the applicable sections of these rules, and Article XVIII of the APA Bylaws.

180-6. Exhibits

180-6.1 The Board of Convention Affairs shall approve rules governing the nature of acceptable exhibits. The APA reserves the right to require the immediate withdrawal of an exhibit if the chief staff officer believes it may be injurious to purposes of the Association. Space for commercial exhibits may be provided on uniform terms determined in advance by the Convention Manager.

180-7. Site of Convention

180-7.1 The Board of Convention Affairs shall recommend to the Board of Directors the site and time of future conventions after having reviewed carefully the evidence on possible host cities assembled by the Convention Manager.