Association Rules — 220. Amending APA Bylaw

220-1.1. In the event that any change in the APA Bylaws is proposed, the text of such change shall be published in the APA Monitor on Psychology at least one month before the ballot is sent and preferably long enough in advance to permit comment.

220-1.2 Guidelines for preparing pro and con statements that accompany ballots for proposed APA Bylaw amendments follow: (a) pro and con statements shall be written unless two-thirds of the voting Council members consider such statements unnecessary; (b) except when instructed by Council to the contrary, each pro and con statement shall be limited to 200 words; (c) the groups and authors preparing the statements shall be identified on the statement; (d) Council or its designee shall determine who is to prepare the statements; and (e) pro and con statements shall be exchanged between the respective author(s). Rebuttal statements may be written (and so identified) by the respective original authors if they choose to do so. Rebuttals may not exceed 200 words.

The Election Committee shall be responsible for any editorial and substantive revisions that are necessary to ensure factual accuracy and fair representation of the issue. The Committee will consult with authors about any recommended changes. The final decision about the pro and con statements shall rest with the original author(s).

The preceding guidelines should not be construed as limiting the prerogative of the Policy and Planning Board to prepare pro and con statements on APA Bylaws amendments, in accordance with guideline (c) (identification of authors' statements).


See also Policy and Planning Board.