Association Rules — 60. Continuing Committees Of Council

60-1. Committee on Structure and Function of Council

60-1.1 There shall be a Committee on Structure and Function of Council that shall (a) receive, review, and initiate recommendations, suggestions, and complaints about Council functions and operations, (b) maintain rules adopted by Council, and (c) give continuing attention to the development of procedures through which Council can be kept informed about the history and nature of problems and issues currently facing the APA. In addition to the foregoing, the Committee may be assigned duties by Council as special needs or problems arise.

The Committee shall consist of six members, all of whom shall be current or former members of Council. Their term of service shall be for three years. Each year two new members shall be elected from members of Council serving in the first or second year of their terms to replace the two senior members.

60-1.2 The Committee on Structure and Function of Council shall conduct a review of the structure and function of Council for Council every five years.


See also "Conflict of Interest and Duality Guidelines for Council."