2014 Division and SPTA Election Results


Division 1
  • President-elect: Nancy L. Baker, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Mindy J. Erchull, PhD
  • Council representative: Clare K. Porac, PhD
Division 2
  • President-elect: Janie H. Wilson, PhD
  • Secretary: Thomas P. Pusateri, PhD
  • V. P. for Programming: Aaron S. Richmond, PhD
  • V.P. for Resources: Sue Frantz, MA
  • Council representatives: Bernard C. Beins, PhD, and Mary E. Kite, PhD
Division 3
  • President-elect: Leah L. Light, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Michael J. Beran, PhD, and Patricia D. Stokes, PhD
Division 5
  • President-elect: Scott M. Hofer, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Carolyn J. Anderson, PhD
  • Council representative: Marcia M. Andberg, PhD
Division 6
  • President-elect: Stan Kuczaj II, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Sarah F. Brosnan, PhD
  • Council representative: Mark Krause, PhD
Division 7
  • President-elect: Michael E. Lamb, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Elizabeth T. Gershoff, PhD
  • Fellows Committee: Xinyin Chen, PhD, and Adele D. Diamond, PhD
  • Early Career representative: Lindsay Malloy, PhD
  • Graduate student representative: Sue D. Hobbs, MA
Division 9
  • Council representative: Kim A. Case, PhD
Division 10
  • President-elect: Paul J. Silvia, PhD
  • Members-at-large: Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, and Danny Wedding, PhD
  • Student representative: Daniel Harris
Division 12
  • President-elect: Brad Karlin, PhD
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Weinand, PhD
  • Council representative: Kenneth J. Sher, PhD, and Mark B. Sobell, PhD
Division 13

  • President-elect: Adam C. Bandelli, PhD
  • Treasurer: Brian A. Buford, PhD
  • External Relations Domain: William H. Berman, PhD
  • Council representative: Amy Owen Nieberding, PhD
Division 14
  • Council representative: Deirdre J. Knapp, PhD
Division 15
  • President-elect: Nancy E. Perry, PhD
  • Secretary: Ji Y. Hong, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Robert M. Klassen, PhD
Division 16
  • President-elect: Lea A. Theodore, PhD
  • V.P. for Membership: Amy M. Briesch, PhD
  • V.P. for Professional Affairs: Michelle S. Athanasiou, PhD
Division 17
  • President-elect: James W. Lichtenberg, PhD
  • Secretary: Suzanne H. Lease, PhD
  • V.P. for Diversity and Public Interest: Anneliese A. Singh, PhD
  • Council Representative: Y.  Barry Chung, PhD.
Division 18
  • President-elect: Timothy P. Carmody, PhD
  • Member-at-large, Education Cluster: Erica L. Fitzgerald, PhD
Division 19
  • President-elect: Ann Landes, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Christopher J. Murphy, PsyD
Division 20
  • President-elect: Harvey L. Sterns, PhD
  • Secretary: Joann M. Montepare, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Jane M. Berry, PhD, and Jennifer Moye, PhD
  • Council representative: Patricia A. Parmelee, PhD
Division 21
  • President-elect: Douglas A. Wiegmann, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Robert W. Proctor, PhD
Division 22
  • President-elect: Kathleen “Kate” S. Brown, PhD
  • Secretary: Joseph F. Rath, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Nancy Hansen Merbitz, PhD, and Stephanie A. Reid-Arndt, PhD
Division 25
  • President-elect: Leon Green, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Cynthia M. Anderson, PhD
  • Council representative: M. Jackson Marr, PhD
Division 26
  • President-elect: James T. Lamiell, PhD
  • Council representative: Cathy L. Faye, PhD
Division 27
  • President-elect: John N. Moritsugu, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Anne E. Brodsky, PhD
  • Council representative: Dina I. Birman, PhD
Division 28
  • President-elect: Stacey C. Sigmon, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Mark A. Smith, PhD
  • Council representative: Anthony Liguori, PhD
Division 29
  • President-elect: Armand R. Cerbone, PhD
  • Secretary: Barry A. Farber, PhD
  • Domain representative, Diversity and Social Justice: Rosemary Adam-Terem, PhD
  • Council representative: Jeffrey J. Magnavita, PhD
Division 30
  • President-elect: Steffanie J. Schilder, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Len Milling, PhD
  • Council representative: Donald P. Moss, PhD
Division 31
  • President-elect 2014: Cathy L. McDaniels Wilson, PhD
  • President-elect 2015: Dinelia Rosa, PhD
  • Secretary: Peter M. Oppenheimer, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Bruce D. Nystrom, PhD
Division 32
  • President-elect: Kirk J. Schneider, PhD
  • Secretary: Nathaniel Granger Jr., PsyD
  • Member-at-large: Richard W. Bargdill, PhD, and Susan Gordon, PhD
Division 33
  • President-elect: Sharon J. Krinsky-McHale, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Jason K. Baker, PhD

Division 34

Please check back for results from a special election.

Division 35

  • President-elect: BraVada M. Garrett-Akinsanya, PhD
Division 36
  • President-elect: Michael E. Nielsen, PhD
  • Treasurer: Jon R. Webb, PhD
  • Member-at-large: David C. Wang, PhD
Division 37
  • President-elect: Cindy L. Miller-Perrin, PhD
  • Treasurer: Amy Green, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Nicholas Long, PhD
Division 38
  • President-elect: Alexander J. Rothman, PhD
  • Secretary-treasurer: Mark A. Lumley, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Zeeshan Butt, PhD
  • Council representative: Elizabeth A. Klonoff, PhD
Division 39
  • Treasurer: Arlene “Lu” Steinberg, PsyD
  • Members-at-large: Galit Atlas, PhD, Jaine L. Darwin, PsyD, and Diana Diamond, PhD
  • Council representatives: Norman Abeles, PhD, Laura H. Barbanel, EdD, and Steven J. Reisner, PhD
Division 40
  • President-elect: Jennifer J. Vasterling, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Joanne Festa, PhD
  • Council representative: Robert L. Mapou, PhD
Division 41
  • President-elect: Jennifer Woolard, PhD
  • Secretary: Jennifer L. Groscup, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Gianni Pirelli, PhD
  • Council representative: David S. DeMatteo, PhD
Division 42
  • President-elect: Lori C. Thomas, JD, PhD
  • Treasurer: Gerald P. Koocher, PhD
  • Members-at-large: Keely Kolmes, PsyD, and Judith E. Patterson, PhD
  • Early Career representative: Stephanie T. Mihalas, PhD
Division 43
  • President-elect: Anthony L. Chambers, PhD
  • Treasurer: Amanda E. Stewart, PhD
  • V.P. for Diversity: Shalonda Kelly, PhD
  • V.P. for Education: Susan J. Regas, PhD
Division 44
  • President-elect: Allen Omoto, PhD
  • Treasurer: Erin L. Deneke, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Nathan Grant Smith, PhD
Division 45
  • President-elect: Jacqueline S. Gray, PhD
  • Member-at-large, Asian-American Slate: Alvin N. Alvarez, PhD
  • Member-at-large, Native American Slate: Casey L. McDougal, PhD
  • Council representative: Luis A. Vázquez, PhD
Division 46
  • President-elect: Mary B. Gregerson, PhD
  • Treasurer: Karla R. Hamlen, PhD
  • Members-at-large: Joanne Broder Sumerson, PhD, and Pauline Wallin, PhD
Division 47
  • President-elect: Anthony P. Kontos, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Courtney B. Albinson, PhD
  • Student representative: Dolores A. Christensen, MA
Division 48
  • President-elect: Frank Farley, PhD
  • Secretary: Caitlin O. Mahoney, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Serdar M. Degirmencioglu, PhD
  • Membership chair: Henriette van Eck Warfield
  • Council representative: Eduardo I. Diaz, PhD
Division 49
  • President-elect: Craig D. Parks, PhD
  • Treasurer: Amy G. Nitza, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Jill D. Paquin, PhD
  • Student representative: Rosamond J. Smith, MS
Division 50
  • President-elect: Sherry A. McKee, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Joel W. Grube, PhD
  • Council representative: James H. Bray, PhD
Division 51
  • President-elect: David H. Whitcomb, PhD
  • Secretary: Ryon C. McDermott, PhD
  • Member-at-large, Early Career Psychologist: Michael C. Parent, PhD
  • Member-at-large, Ethnic Minority: Bryana H. French, PhD
  • Member-at-large, Sexual Minority: William B. Elder, PhD
Division 52
  • President-elect: Jean Lau Chin, EdD
  • Secretary (elected begins term immediately): Sayaka Machizawa, PsyD
  • Treasurer: Martha Ann Carey, PhD
  • Student representative: Mercedes F. Oromendia
Division 53
  • President-elect: William Douglas Tynan, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Adam B. Lewin, PhD
Division 54
  • President-elect: Sharon L. Berry, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Wendy L. Ward, PhD
Division 55
  • President-elect: Neal R. Morris, EdD
  • Secretary: Morgan T. Sammons, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Alan J. Lincoln, PhD
  • American Psychological Association of Graduate Students representative: Joseph Walloch
Division 56
  • President-elect: Joan M. Cook, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Heather L. Littleton, PhD
  • Council representative: Charles R. Figley, PhD

State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations

Arkansas Psychological Association
Council representative: Courtney O. Ghormley, PhD

California Psychological Association
Council representative: Keely Kolmes, PsyD

Connecticut Psychological Association
Council representative: John G. Mehm, PhD 

District of Columbia Psychological Association
Council representative: Walter J. Hillabrant, PhD 

Guam Psychological Association
Council representative: Edward L. Santos, PhD 

Idaho Psychological Association
Council representative: Barney Greenspan, PhD 

Illinois Psychological Association
Council representative: Clifton J. Saper, PhD 

Maine Psychological Association
Council representative: David H. Mills, PhD 

Michigan Psychological Association
Council representative: Lawrence M. Perlman, PhD 

Missouri Psychological Association
Council representative: Kenneth H. Bohm, PhD 

Montana Psychological Association
Council representative: Gyda Swaney, PhD 

Nebraska Psychological Association
Council representative: Daniel L. Ullman, PhD 

Nevada Psychological Association
Council representative: Lisa M. Linning, PhD 

New York State Psychological Association
Council representative: June E. Feder, PhD, and Peter S. Kanaris, PhD 

North Carolina Psychological Association
Council representative: J. Travis Colwell, PhD 

Ohio Psychological Association
Council representative: David L. Hayes, PhD 

Asociación de Psicología de Puerto Rico
Council representative: Luisa Alvarez-Dominguez, PhD 

South Dakota Psychological Association
Council representative: Laura W. Hughes, PsyD 

Tennessee Psychological Association
Council representative: Irene “Nicky” Ozbek, PhD 

Virginia Psychological Association
Council representative: Peter L. Sheras, PhD

Wisconsin Psychological Association
Council representative: Gregory S. Jurenec, PhD 

Wyoming Psychological Association
Council representative: Barbara L. Ziegler, PhD