2014 President-elect Candidates

APA members nominated five candidates to appear on the 2014 president-elect ballot. The final ballot was sent to members on Sept. 15, 2014, and closed on Oct. 29, 2014. Please check back soon for results.

The Final Tally from the February Nominations Ballot Was:

  • Antonio E. Puente, PhD — 658 votes
  • Susan H. McDaniel, PhD — 522 votes
  • Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD — 169 votes
  • Kurt F. Geisinger, PhD — 165 votes
  • Todd E. Finnerty, PsyD — 104 votes

More About the Candidates

The Monitor on Psychology will provide coverage of the candidates in a question and answer format in each issue between their nomination and the election.

Candidates' videos, biographies and candidate statements 
Question and Answer

June 2014

  1. What concrete steps should APA take to enhance its science agenda, including recognition of psychology as a STEM discipline and communication of the science of psychology? How will you convey to government funding agencies, professional associations and the public that psychology is a STEM discipline?
  2. What are your ideas as to how APA can take a leadership role in health-care reform and ensure the inclusion of psychologists in these reforms?

July/August 2014

  1. What are your plans for expanding the APA membership in light of our aging membership? Most particularly, what are your ideas for recruiting, retaining and engaging early career psychologists (ECPs)?
  2. How do you see the role of technology in communicating with general APA membership, committees and boards, as well as consumers of psychology?

September 2014

  1. How would your presidency work to move APA toward realizing and sustaining APA Vision Statement 6: "A principal leader and global partner promoting psychological knowledge and methods to facilitate the resolution of personal, societal and global challenges in diverse, multicultural and international contexts"?
  2. In light of the impending changes in the governance structure of APA, how do you envision your role as president?