Review: "Psychological Testing" by Anne Anastasi

The field of testing has grown so rapidly that most contemporary books on psychological testing are either extensive and superficial, or intensive and incomplete. Anastasi's new college text achieves a nice compromise between these extremes. This is not a compendium of present-day tests, each briefly described and briefly criticised. Neither is it a recapitulation of the manuals of a few widely used tests. It is a carefully planned and integrated volume, which begins with a consideration of the principles of psychological testing, proceeds to employ carefully selected examples of tests of general classification, aptitude, and achievement, and ends with measures of personality characteristics ranging from inventories through projective techniques and situational tests. In every instance, the instruments selected for illustration are representative, and their advantages and shortcomings are handled critically. Although the book is primarily a college text, it cannot fail to attract the attention of practicing psychometricians and clinicians. Particularly important for both students and practitioners are the sections on the ethics of control of tests, on test validity, on the limitations of infant and preschool tests, and on the peculiar characteristics of projective techniques and situational tests."

--Journal of Consulting Psychology. 1954 Dec Vol 18(6) 472

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