APA Presidential Citations

The following Presidential Citations have been awarded to outstanding psychologists by 2015 APA President Barry S. Anton, PhD.

  • Kathleen S. Brown, PhD
    For her leadership and long-standing commitment to the practice of psychology.
  • Committee of Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools
    For their steadfast commitment to promoting high quality teaching of introductory psychology and for advancing APA's strategic goal of promoting psychology as a science.
  • Stewart Cooper, PhD, ABPP
    For his wise and steady leadership in a time of transition.
  • Michael Hendricks, PhD
    For his critical work on behalf of transgender and other gender nonconforming individuals.
  • Lucy Aldrich Homans, EdD
    For her compelling advocacy and enduring leadership as an SPTA director of Professional Affairs. 
  • Monica Kurylo, PhD, ABPP
    For her effective and collaborative leadership as chair of the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice.
  • Leah Light, PhD
    For her leadership in APA publications and contributions to research in aging and memory.
  • Allen M. Omoto, PhD
    For his passionate dedication to social justice and to bringing psychological science to bear on social policy.
  • Beth Rom-Rymer, PhD
    In recognition of her extraordinary contribution to the advancement of prescriptive authority for psychologists and her contributions to the Illinois Psychological Association.
  • Darryl Salvador, PsyD
  • For his dedication to integrated behavioral health care for the medically underserved in rural communities of Hawai'i, and advocacy for culturally competent practice. 
  • Kristi Sands Van Sickle, PsyD
    For her innovation, energy and leadership in integrated health care and rural health.
  • Vivian Ota Wang, PhD
    For her pioneering work in genetics, race and racial identity in science policy.

These Presidential Citations were awarded by 2014 APA President Nadine Kaslow, PhD, and the 2014 Presidential Citation Committee.

  • Yvonne M. Agazarian, EdD
    For her pioneering work in developing a theory of living human systems and its systems-centered practice, and for training thousands of practitioners worldwide.
  • Toni Antonucci, PhD
    For fiercely advocating for issues related to aging and lifespan processes and generously mentoring female psychologists. 
  • Debra Bangasser, PhD
    For her scholarly contributions related to sex differences in stress response systems and her remarkable leadership as the early career psychologist co-chair of the 2014 Opening Doors Summit: Doctoral Education to First Job.
  • David H. Barlow, PhD
    For his lifelong dedication and passion for advancing psychology through science, education, training and practice. 
  • Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP
    For his impressive service to the profession, scholarly productivity related to ethics and independent practice, and devotion to mentorship.
  • Cynthia D. Belar, PhD, ABPP
    For championing quality education and training, raising awareness of the value of education advocacy and being an education visionary.
  • Charles T. Blair-Broeker, MAT
    For his dedication as a leader in the teaching of psychology at the high school level.
  • Jennifer E. Boyd, PhD, CPRP
    For her internationally renowned contributions in combating the debilitating effects of external and internalized stigma of serious mental illness, which have significantly influenced the field at a broad level.
  • Dolores Cimini, PhD
    For being a formidable leader, blazing a trail for women and persons with disabilities into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.
  • Nancy Boyd-Franklin, PhD
    For her dedication to mentoring and scholarship in the treatment of African-Americans, cultural competence, HIV/AIDS and community empowerment.
  • Sharon Stephens Brehm, PhD
    For being an inspirational APA president, whose expertise spanned education, science and practice, and for advocating for the integration of clinical, developmental and social psychology.
  • Zeeshan Ahmad Butt, PhD
    For his scholarly contributions related to clinical health psychology and his remarkable ability to foster professional engagement and career development among early career health psychologists. 
  • June W. J. Ching, PhD, ABPP
    For her dedicated service in Hawaii and at APA and her compassionate and collaborative approach to advancing the practice agenda and transforming the business of practice.
  • Y. Barry Chung, PhD
    For his scholarship in career development and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, multicultural counseling, exemplary leadership and service.
  • Ayse Çiftçi, PhD
    For her passion, conviction and wisdom beyond her age in championing the voice, scholarship and leadership of early career psychologists.
  • William E. Cross, Jr., PhD
    For more than four decades of stellar contributions to the understanding of social identities in African-Americans and other cultural groups.
  • Grady Dale, PhD
    For passionate and life-long community advocacy devoted toward reducing the stigma of seeking mental health care among minority and underserved urban children and families.
  • Stephen DeMers, EdD
    For his dedication to the profession and public protection through his commitment to psychology regulation.
  • lore m. dickey, PhD 
    For his knowledge and dedication to positive identity development for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender non-conforming people.
  • Carlo C. DiClemente, PhD, ABPP
    In recognition of his scientific and clinical contributions to understanding motivation and behavior change and developing an integrative transtheoretical model that has advanced the treatment and prevention of addictive and health behaviors.
  • James E. Dobbins, PhD, ABPP
    For his lifetime dedication to mentoring, an impressive scholarship in family psychology, racism, professional development, health attitudes and behaviors, multiculturalism, school consultations, therapy and career-long service to the profession.
  • Arthur C. Evans, Jr., PhD
    For his effective efforts at transforming healthcare systems to ensure they bolster self-determination and resiliency and prioritize recovery.
  • Carol A. Falender, PhD
    For her innovative contributions to the theory and practice of clinical supervision and tireless service to professional psychology locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Sue Frantz, MA
    For her dedication, innovation and imagination in translating psychological science for the public by educating thousands of undergraduates.
  • Milton A. Fuentes, PsyD
    For his leadership as a founding member and former president of New Jersey’s Latino Psychological Association and the 2012 president of the National Latina/o Psychological Association, as well as his impressive efforts to prepare students and professionals to address the mental health needs of the diverse Latino community in his role as a researcher, mentor, professor and consultant.
  • Margaret Gatz, PhD
    For her remarkable leadership in geropsychology and psychology education and impressive scholarship in mental health in older adults, Alzheimer’s disease and urban social issues.
  • Jacqueline Gray, PhD
    For groundbreaking scholarship with Native and rural communities, leadership of landmark programs and national organizations, mentoring of Native students and colleagues, and courageous advocacy efforts.
  • Lorraine Greene, PhD, ABPP
    For her exemplary service in law enforcement and making sure those who protect us receive quality mental health care.
  • Robert L. Hatcher, PhD
    For his incredible leadership in competency-based education and practicum training and extraordinary dedication to training future generations of psychologists.
  • Kimberly Hiroto, PhD
    For her remarkable accomplishments as an early career psychologist in terms of providing quality clinical care, ensuring the competence of psychologists to work with older adults and excelling in major national leadership roles.
  • Tammy Hughes, PhD
    For her efforts to advocate for and transform the science, training and practice of school psychology.
  • Cindy Juntunen, PhD
    The consummate counseling psychologist and a nationally-recognized expert in education and training of professional psychologists.
  • Terence (Terry) M. Keane, PhD
    For his lifelong commitment to helping our nation’s veterans.
  • W. Gregory Keilin, PhD
    For making the psychology internship match a better, more just and humane process for our students and colleagues in health service psychology.
  • Robert Kerns, PhD
    For his groundbreaking research on pain management and his remarkable leadership within psychology.
  • Julie M. Koch, PhD
    For her dedication to the professional development and training of future psychologists.
  • Angela Kuemmel, PhD, ABPP
    For her exceptional leadership of and advocacy for early career psychologists.
  • R. Eric Landrum, PhD
    For remarkable contributions to undergraduate education in psychology. 
  • Mark M. Leach, PhD
    For his multifaceted, long-standing, varied and enduring contributions to education and training in psychology.
  • Jeanne LeBlanc, PhD, ABPP
    For translating Western science and best practices into skill training for non-psychologists world-wide and changing the scope of disaster response.
  • Richard Lee, PhD
    For his dedication and passion to bring much needed awareness to the experiences of transracial adoptees, especially Korean adoptees in the U.S.
  • Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.
    For over five decades of courageous, trailblazing leadership in the civil rights movement and for serving as a powerful voice for the disenfranchised.
  • John C. Linton, PhD, ABPP
    For his visionary and remarkable leadership at the West Virginia University Charleston Campus and within U.S. psychology. 
  • Rodney L. Lowman, PhD
    For his impressive efforts in internationalizing multiculturalism, his leadership in the APA as the chair of the Board of Convention Affairs and as council representative of Div. 14 (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) and his rejuvenation of Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research.
  • Jon Marrelli, PsyD
    For his tremendous leadership in engaging early career psychologists and in advancing the role of psychologists in health care reform.
  • Stephen R. McCutcheon, PhD
    In recognition of his influential contributions, collaborative leadership and extensive service to the education and training community in professional psychology.
  • M. Ellen Mitchell, PhD
    For her leadership in mental health, groundbreaking scholarship and career-long service to the profession.
  • Velma McBride Murry, PhD
    For distinguished research contributions, inspirational teaching and mentoring, and dedicated leadership as an advocate for children, youth and HIV-affected groups.
  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C.
    For her five decades of “leadership to achieve positive social change through civil rights activism to protect ethnic minorities and women from discrimination and to promote equal opportunities for all.” 
  • Katharine Hahn Oh, PhD
    For her commitment, energy and skill in engaging early career psychologists in the organization’s lifeblood.
  • Stephanie O'Malley, PhD
    For her impressive leadership and landmark research in substance abuse.
  • Roger L. Peterson, PhD, ABPP
    For his landmark contributions in competency-based education and training, development of innovative models of professional psychology and commitments to the betterment of quality in the profession.
  • Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges Committee
    For leadership in supporting APA's strategic goals of maximizing organizational effectiveness and promoting psychological science.
  • Terrence James Roberts, PhD
    For his dedication as a civil rights pioneer and a psychologist devoted to the advancement of social justice and racial equality.
  • Emil Rodolfa, PhD
    For ensuring that training in applied psychology meets the highest standards for the profession and for those who seek psychologist’s services.
  • Elyn R. Saks, JD
    For her tireless advocacy on behalf of individuals with serious mental illness, her courageous efforts to fight stigma, her eloquence in communicating her personal struggles with psychosis and her living example of hope that recovery is possible.
  • Maxine Ruth Samorodin
    For realizing the importance of psychological health in her career, and the rare accomplishment of having lived 100 years.
  • Azara Santiago-Rivera, PhD, NCC
    For being a passionate and accomplished educator, scholar and social justice leader.
  • Mary Schohn, PhD 
    For impressively expanding mental health services for our nation's veterans within the Veterans Health Administration in her position as executive director of the Office of Mental Health Operations.
  • Anneliese A. Singh, PhD
    For her knowledge and dedication to positive identity development for multiply marginalized youth.
  • Linda C. Sobell, PhD, ABPP and Mark B. Sobell, PhD, ABPP
    In recognition of their influential contributions to the substance use disorders field.
  • Trisha Stark, PhD, MPP, LP
    For her dedicated service to the Minnesota Psychological Association and the people of Minnesota.
  • Ellen Lee Simon Stover, PhD
    For her pioneering efforts to advance domestic and international research, preventive interventions, treatment and training in HIV/AIDS.
  • Judith Van Hoorn, PhD
    For her single-minded vision, enduring commitment and dedication, and wisdom and courage in leading APA to amend the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct to include human rights as central to the association’s ethical foundation.
  • Sam Wan, PhD 
    An up and coming early career Department of Veterans Affairs psychologist, who has assumed major organizational leadership roles and is a national trailblazer in multiculturalism.
  • Carol Webb, PhD, APBB
    For her impressive efforts aimed at ensuring that psychologists are competent at initial licensure and remain competent to practice throughout their careers.
  • Erica H. Wise, PhD
    For her lifelong devotion to psychology training and education and stellar contributions related to professional ethics.
  • Katie Witkiewitz, PhD
    For her early career accomplishments, dedication to advancing the science and treatment of addictive behaviors, and service to the field.
  • Linda M. Woolf, PhD
    For educating current and future generations about human rights through her scholarly teaching and writing, and for assisting APA in drafting and adopting policy resolutions that prohibit human rights abuses and protect the welfare of individuals in U.S. custody, most notably the comprehensive 2013 policy that reconciled seven earlier APA policies.
  • Robert Zeiss, PhD 
    For his exceptional stewardship of psychology training in the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Susan F. Zlotlow, PhD
    For her indefatigable efforts to ensure quality education and training.