Jeanne LeBlanc, PhD, ABPP, was awarded a Presidential Citation for translating western science and best practices into skill training for non-psychologists world-wide and changing the scope of disaster response.

With her global reach and dedication to the well-being of persons impacted by disaster and conflict, LeBlanc is a revered leader. A jewel in the crowns of psychological, neuropsychological and disaster response organizations, she has pioneered the recognition of behavioral health care needs with her roles as disaster response network chair locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. She has served people around the world including in North America, Asia, Central America and Africa. From earthquakes, hurricanes and nuclear reactor catastrophes to cholera, AIDS and political unrest, LeBlanc is unflappable, kind and concerned. This citation recognizes her compassion and commitment to delivering state of the science training in best psychological practices around the world — often to audiences otherwise unserved by mental health efforts. The personification of extraordinary humanitarian effort, APA proudly counts her among our exemplars.