Task Force on Translating Psychological Science for the Public

The Translating Psychological Science for the Public Task Force is charged with:

  • Identifying emerging areas of science ready for dissemination to the public and how to optimally communicate what we know. 
  • The task force will help APA staff identify and design new strategies and initiatives (or expand on current ones) to use new media to translate psychological science for the public.

Staff Liaisons


  • 2014 Co-chair: Roxane Cohen Silver, PhD
    University of California
  • 2014 Co-chair: Dawn Foster, PhD
    Harvard University
  • Susan Fiske, PhD
    Princeton University
  • Sue Frantz, MA
    Highline Community College
  • Fred Leong, PhD
    Michigan State University
  • Kathryn McHugh, PhD
    McLean Hospital
  • Michael K. Scullin, PhD
    Emory University School of Medicine
  • Megan A. Smith
    Purdue University