APA recognizes Older Americans Mental Health Week with congressional briefing

APA and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force co-sponsored a May 24 congressional briefing, coordinated by APA's Public Interest Government Relations Office, in honor of Older Americans Mental Health Week on addressing health disparities among diverse older Americans. APA member Patricia A. From left, James S. Jackson, PhD, and Patricia A. Areán, PhD (credit: Lloyd Wolf)Areán, PhD, presented results of her research demonstrating the benefits of integrating mental health in primary care to reduce health disparities among older adults while also lowering costs compared with usual care. James S. Jackson, PhD, discussed findings from his research showing complex patterns of physical and mental health outcomes over the life-course related to race, ethnicity, nativity, gender, and cultural differences. Areán and Jackson were joined on the panel by Laurie M. Young, PhD, of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, who discussed health disparities in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender elders. Areán and Jackson also met with key Senate offices to discuss recommendations for reducing disparities among our nation's elders.

View Dr. Areán's presentation (PDF, 97KB)

View Dr. Jackson's presentation (PDF, 160KB)