APA Policy Recommendations
for the SAMHSA Reauthorization—April 2010

During the last week of March 2010, APA’s Government Relations Office urged Congress to reauthorize the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  SAMHSA helps ensure that the nation’s health care infrastructure meets Americans’ life-long mental and behavioral health needs.  In a detailed letter (PDF, 43KB), APA recommended that the 111th Congress:

  • Authorize the existing Minority Fellowship Program to boost professional workforce development;

  • Incorporate the Positive Aging Act to improve older adults’ access to quality mental and behavioral health care; 

  • Incorporate the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Resiliency Act and the Mental Health in Schools Act to help prevent mental health problems; 

  • Renew the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act and authorize the Mental Health on Campus Improvement Act to better meet the needs of college students; 

  • Increase support for the National Child Traumatic Stress Network to help children and families affected by trauma; 

  • Ensure an integrated approach for individuals living with HIV/AIDS that includes mental health and substance use services; 

  • Incorporate the Public Mental Health Emergency Preparedness Act to enhance preparedness and response efforts in the event of a public health emergency; and Fund supportive housing, as well as integrated mental health and substance use services, for those re-entering their communities from jails and prisons.

View the entire list of recommendations (PDF, 43KB).