PI-GRO Provides Training on Psychology and Advocacy at the 2013 Association for Women in Psychology Conference

In March 2013, the Public Interest Government Relations Office (PI-GRO), in conjunction with members of APA's Committee on Women in Psychology, presented a symposium on "Approaches to Advocacy: Violence Against Women" at the Association for Women in Psychology annual conference in Salt Lake City. The PI-GRO presentation was entitled "Taking it to the Hill: Psychologists Informing Public Policy," and focused on the critical role of psychologists in assisting policymakers in understanding and addressing some of our nation’s most pressing health and social policy issues. The presentation highlighted examples of successful advocacy by APA and its members, particularly related to the promotion of policies that support survivors of intimate partner violence, such as the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. Various mechanisms to influence public policy were discussed, including grassroots advocacy campaigns and strategic partnerships, and psychologists and graduate students were encouraged to apply their expertise to inform the federal policy debate surrounding women’s issues