APA Asked to Present at Johns Hopkins Meeting on Black Men Who Have Sex with Men

Talk emphasizes mental health and policy issues affecting older black gay men

The Center for Black Equity, an international LGBT organization, Johns Hopkins Center for AIDS Research and Baltimore HIV Collaboratory convened "Sankofa: Community Conversations on Black Men Who Sex With Men (MSM) in Central Maryland," held May 2-3, 2014, at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. The conference sought to help area health care and service providers better understand the lived experiences of black gay men across the life span. In a presentation titled "Mental Health, Behavioral and Social Issues, and Mature Black Gay Men," Public Interest Government Relations Office staff discussed mental health issues affecting older LGBT Americans, with a special emphasis on mature black gay men. The presentation also addressed opportunities to advance a health and wellness agenda at the federal level. This discussion addressed both reauthorization of an LGBT-inclusive Older Americans Act, as well as greater investments in research, to learn more about the challenges and resiliencies of the understudied black gay men, their communities, and their social networks. To learn more or receive the presentation, contact Leo Rennie.

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