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February 2002

Science Policy Insider News (February 2002)

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What's This All About? Science PPO Introduces E-Newsletter; Strong Advocacy for NSF; NSF Rolls Out New Math and Science Partnerships Program; Countering Terrorism at the Academies; Just The Facts Ma'am-APA Coordinates Efforts with the FBI; Scientists Get Involved in Education Issues; Congress Defines Scientifically Based Education Research

NIMH Pursues Agenda Without Hyman

Richard Nakamura, Acting Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), chaired his first Council meeting, which also gave Steve Hyman the opportunity to formally say goodbye to the Council since he left in December.

Securing a Role for Science

Geoff Mumford has been working to cultivate a relationship with the newly created Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which is the largest federal agency begun since World War II.