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January 2004

Science Policy Insider News (January 2004)

APA Fellows Appointed to Senior Advisory Positions at DHS

As this issue of SPIN goes to press, we have been at a high risk "code orange" of terrorist attack for several weeks. And although it was obvious that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was very concerned about airline hijackings over the holidays, we only recently learned that the possibility of a dirty bomb detonation was also weighing heavily on DHS through the New Year.

Organizations Come Together to Support Peer Review

The Coalition to Protect Research (CPR), formerly the National Alliance to Support Sexual Health Research and Policy, held its second meeting on January 7. CPR, co-chaired by Karen Studwell of APA's Public Policy Office and Angela Sharpe of the Consortium of Social Sciences Associations, met to continue refining the coalition's messages and advocacy strategies.

Also in this Issue

APA Submits Comments to NIH on "Strategic Research Plan and Budget to Reduce and Ultimately Eliminate Health Disparities"; Opportunities for I-O and Human Factors Research at NSF