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January 2005

Science Policy Insider News (January 2005)

Next DHS Center Competition Announced

The University of MD team will no doubt have much in common with whoever wins the next center competition.

NIH Open Access Policy Details Outlined in Washington Post

The Washington Post reported Jan. 18, 2005, that NIH will call for all scientific publications of its grantees to be archived on its PubMed Central database within one year of publication, instead of within six months as the draft policy requested.

Cabinet-level Report Cites Importance of Behavioral Science for Combating Terrorism

Since 9/11 psychologists have searched for opportunities to contribute to the nation's counter terrorism and homeland security agenda, and from a science policy perspective, 2005 brings to fruition an effort worthy of special attention, a report from the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) entitled “Combating Terrorism: Research Priorities in the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences”.

DHS Awards Center of Excellence to University of Maryland

A nine month effort culminated with the January 10 announcement that the Homeland Security Center of Excellence for Behavioral and Social Research on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, funded with $12 million over the course of 3 years, had been awarded to the University of Maryland. Criminologist, Gary LaFree, APA Psychologists, Arie Kruglanski and Clark McCauley, and Sociologist Kathleen Tierney will jointly direct the Center.

Also in this Issue

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