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June 2005

Science Policy Insider News (June 2005)

Congress Makes Date with Democracy

The week of May 23rd began with an extraordinary event sponsored by the Decade of Behavior. APA Science Policy staffer Pat Kobor worked with the National Communication Association, Association of American Geographers, and American Political Science Association to showcase the 2005 Decade of Behavior Research Award winners in the study of democracy, one of the five themes of the Decade.

House and Senate Science Leaders Seek to Increase Role of Women in Science

On May 25th, APA cosponsored a congressional briefing, "Advancing Women in Science," with a number of organizations in coordination with the Congressional Caucus on Women's Issues and the Congressional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education Caucus.

APA Sponsors Congressional Briefing on Military and Mental Health Needs

On May 26th, APA held a standing-room-only Congressional briefing on "Psychology in Service to America's Military Personnel, Veterans and Their Families," co-sponsored by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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