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December 2005

Science Policy Insider News (December 2005)

Baruch Fischhoff Treats Pandemic Flu on Capitol Hill

On December 14, the minority membership of the House Committee on Science held a briefing entitled “Gaps in the National Flu Preparedness Plan: Social Science Planning and Response”.

Psychologist James Swanson to Head National Children’s Study Vanguard Center

By Karen Studwell

The goal of the NCS is to improve the health and well-being of children by examining how genetic and environmental factors interact with each other and what effect they might have on children's health, whether harmful or helpful.

A New Tradition for APA Science

On December 2-4, APA's Science Directorate and the Board of Scientific Affairs convened the first-ever Science Leadership Conference (SciLC). The theme of the inaugural conference, which will now be an annual event, was "The Public Face of Psychological Science".

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