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March 2006

Science Policy Insider News (March 2006)

How to Build a Better Budget: Specter- Harkin Amendment Passes

Thanks to an impressive grassroots advocacy effort, the Specter-Harkin amendment to add $7 billion to the Senate budget for education, research and public health programs passed 73-27 on March 16.

DHS Social and Behavioral Sciences Partnership

APA Science Policy staff have spent considerable time advocating for the importance of psychological science in the mission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Also in this Issue

APA Kicks off the FY07 Appropriations Season by Advocating for Strong Psychological Research Program within the VA; Science Policy Staff Meet with New NSF Leaders; APA Submits Testimony in Support of DHS Programs; House Republican Study Committee Includes NIH Cuts in Budget Planning; Advocating for Psychological Science at NSF and NASA