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Senate Appropriators Call for Funding the NCS out of NIH Director's Budget; APA Summer Research Fellows Visit Army Research Laboratory Psychologists; Dr. Zerhouni’s E-mail Newsletter Focuses on NIH Funding and Management; Sara Robinson Going, Going, Gone

Senate Appropriators Call for Funding the NCS out of NIH Director's Budget

On Thursday, July 20th, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the bill that funds NIH without adopting the House proposal that would require the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) to fund the National Children's Study in FY07 out of its current budget. The NCS would need an additional $69 million in FY07 to begin enrolling participants and refining the protocol at the Vanguard Centers. The proposed $1.26 billion budget, a $7 million decrease for NICHD, and supporters of NICHD were concerned about the burden this funding mandate would place on its ability to fund individual investigators or other new research projects. In July, APA joined with 25 other organizations to encourage the Senate and House to find an alternative funding source for the NCS outside of the NICHD budget. APA's Karen Studwell joined with the Society for Research in Child Development and others in meeting with Chairman Specter's office to request for more long-terms solutions to funding the NCS, rather than relying solely on NICHD to fund the study that is projected to cost more than $2.5 billion over the next 25 years. In its version approved on Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee stated that, "The Committee supports full and timely implementation of the Study (NCS) and has included funds within the Office of the (NIH) Director to continue the study." Both the Senate and House bills have yet to be approved by either chamber and the different solutions will have to be worked out during the conferencing of the bills, which is likely to take place after the November elections.

APA Summer Research Fellows Visit Army Research Laboratory Psychologists

In July APA's two summer research fellows in counterintelligence at the Department of Defense (DoD), Whitney Wharton, ABD and Chris Johnson, PhD, joined Science Policy Office's Heather Kelly for a visit with psychologists at the U.S. Army Garrison Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. The Army Research Laboratory (ARL), which sponsors basic and applied research in support of the Army mission, has intramural scientists working on base at Aberdeen - including a number of psychological researchers within the ARL Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED). Wharton and Johnson were impressed with the range of human-centered research programs sponsored by ARL, including those focused on human-systems interfaces, battlespace decision-making, and team performance modeling. APA continues to monitor research funding levels in the FY07 defense bill, which received differential support in the House- and Senate-passed bills before heading to a conference committee for final adjustments.

Dr. Zerhouni’s E-mail Newsletter Focuses on NIH Funding and Management

In the Summer 2006 issue of his new e-mail newsletter, "From the Desk of Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., Director NIH," the current NIH Director provides a lot of details that SPIN readers will appreciate about advances that have resulted from NIH research, myths and realities about NIH's budget and the impact of the Roadmap on funding of investigator-initiated research. Much of this is information that NIH regularly supplies to Congress. If you have questions or feedback about the information Dr. Zerhouni provides in this article, send a note via email and we will follow up.

Sara Robinson Going, Going, Gone

Sadly, Sara Robinson who gained fame as SPIN’s Editor-in -Chief and Event-Planner Extraordinaire is leaving APA at the end of the month to attend Law School at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Sara who so capably accepted and executed every imaginable administrative duty that came her way will be very sorely missed by her colleagues here in the Science Directorate. We wish Sara all the very best and thank Kirk Waldroff for stepping in to produce this month’s edition of SPIN!