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May 2008

Science Policy Insider News (May 2008)

An Interview with NEI’s Dr. Mike Oberdorfer

Science GRO’s Elizabeth Hoffman had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Mike Oberdorfer, Program Director at the National Eye Institute, about how NEI is faring in the NIH budget process. Dr. Oberdorfer directs the Strabismus, Amblyopia and Visual Processing program and the Low Vision and Blindness Rehabilitation program at NEI.

Friends of NICHD Highlight Developmental Disabilities Research Progress

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Friends of NICHD and 22 of its member organizations sponsored a May 22 congressional briefing, coordinated by APA’s Karen Studwell, the current chair of the coalition.

Peer Review: When and How Will the NIH Process Change?

For the past year, staff and committees of the National Institutes of Health have carefully examined the two-tiered peer review system through which NIH rates and ranks grant applications.

Also in this Issue

NIDA Directors Present Perspectives as the Institute Turns 35; Meetings with Senate Staff Regarding JJDPA Reauthorization Bode Well for Science; The 8th Annual Jerry Lee Crime Prevention Symposium; Almost Century Mark for Meeting of NIDA Advisory Council; NAS Panel Recommends Delaying the National Children’s Study; LAST CHANCE: NIH Wants Your Advice by June 2 on Ways to Spend Common Fund Money; APA Science Directorate Names Incoming Science Policy Fellow; APA Monitors Bill That Would Limit Research on Non-Human Primates;